Meet Dency Cheng

Winner of our “Propheteer of the Year” award talks about openness, agility and empathy.

Dency quite literally stumbled upon Prophet. One day, when she was visiting Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s MBA office, she spotted an ad for a part-time job analyzing Prophet’s signature global report, the Prophet Brand Relevance Index. She applied, and the rest is history. The following summer she interned at Prophet’s Hong Kong office, where she dove right into project experiences with the co-workers she now considers a second family.

An experienced problem-solver with a collaborative approach, Dency is a key player in our newest office in Singapore. As an Engagement Manager, Dency focuses on building meaningful relationships with her clients, helping them achieve success in their roles while bringing ideas to life through pilot test-and-learn and execution.

Dency’s impact at Prophet has not gone unnoticed. She was honored with the coveted “Propheteer of the Year” award at the annual Aaker Awards ceremony – our annual global employee recognition awards. Learn more about Dency…

How do you describe Prophet’s culture to your friends?

Prophet’s culture is very open, nimble and entrepreneurial. I’ve met so many people with unique backgrounds, talents and perspectives across Prophet. There’s great flexibility at work, with ample opportunities to travel. Speaking up is highly encouraged regardless of seniority and everyone is treated as a valuable member of the Prophet family.

What’s one piece of professional advice that has stuck with you most?

“Be the kind of person who can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand something not just from your own perspective but from theirs as well.”

“She was honored with the coveted “Propheteer of the Year” award at the annual Aaker Awards ceremony – our annual global employee recognition awards.”

What has been your biggest challenge since starting at Prophet? How did you get through it?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was being tasked with turning around a sizeable project that was not delivering to client’s expectations. It was truly a “sink or swim” situation. Within the first day, I had to quickly organize and prioritize key tasks, ask for additional resources and divide key deliverables into manageable pieces to be socialized with the client. Thankfully, the Prophet team was very supportive with an “all-hands-on-deck” approach. In true Prophet fashion, we did it, together, and the client was impressed with the work we were able to deliver within a short timeframe.

If you could call yourself five years ago, what would you say? What if you could call 10 years into the future?

If I could call myself five years ago, I would thank myself for following my heart and taking the leap of faith to leave my comfort zone. I had been working at the Monetary Authority of Singapore for the first five years of my career then. While I was satisfied in my job, I was eager to try something new though I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. So I went to business school where I discovered a world of opportunities and had the time to reflect on my purpose in life. I came across an opportunity to spend my summer interning at Prophet Hong Kong and the journey has since been exhilarating and rewarding.

If I could call 10 years into the future, I would congratulate myself for getting through the “toughest” decade of growth and remind myself to keep having a learning mindset while staying true to my purpose and values as I gain new experiences.

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