Meet Jarrett Fein

Winner of our Aaker Award describes how Prophet is “just corporate enough.”

Jarrett, an Engagement Manager in our San Francisco office, has spent his career up and down the California coast. He grew up in Orange County and went to UC Berkeley where he studied political science as an undergrad. He was there for a while, working at a startup and digital political strategy firm before venturing down Highway 1, landing at UCLA where he earned his MBA. Following business school, Jarrett found his way back up to the Bay Area and Prophet – attracted by the firm’s diverse portfolio of clients with interesting business challenges.

Today, Jarrett is a pivotal member of our West Coast team, working as a hybrid strategist and verbal branding specialist with clients across many industries including B2B/B2C tech, media & entertainment, hospitality, travel, and many more.  In the office, you can find him cracking jokes or leading his teams in spontaneous 1-minute plank exercises (famous in our SF office) to break up the workday.

At our “Aaker Awards” – Prophet’s annual employee awards ceremony – Jarrett was honored for his commitment to the Prophet value, “Fearlessly human.” Get to know Jarrett…

What kind of work do you love doing with your clients?

One of the advantages of working at Prophet is the diversity of work we do. It’s honestly hard to choose one type of work for this answer. I’m most stimulated when I’m working very closely and collaboratively with clients—it’s that feeling of true partnership that I love most. Cross-functional or global projects are interesting too since it affords us the opportunity to understand business or brand opportunities from a range of perspectives.

Walk me through an ideal day at Prophet. What does it look like?

My ideal day begins with some quiet thinking and working time at my desk, then hopefully continues with a mix of that quiet time and some level of interactivity (collaborative internal or client meetings). A day with exclusively one or the other is tough! Throw in some time to devote to an internal firm-building initiative too.

“Jarrett was honored for his commitment to the Prophet value, “Fearlessly human.””

How do you describe what you do to your relatives?

I say that we partner with companies to help them unlock growth—and that there is so much that can fall under that. It could mean renaming a brand, determining which new products or experiences to invest in, how to most effectively leverage data to attract customers—and so, so, so much more.

How do you describe Prophet’s culture to your friends?

I point to our corporate values and say they authentically represent what it’s like to work at Prophet. I think Prophet’s culture (and the people who make it real) is one of the best parts of the job.

Which one of Prophet’s values do you resonate most with and why?

I’d have to say Fearlessly Human. I think the fact that we’re “Just Corporate Enough” (another Prophet value) means that people feel comfortable bringing their whole, authentic selves to work—which makes people genuinely like coming in to work each day. It also makes for a place where we aren’t afraid to push each other to think differently, which not only makes for a great place to grow personally and professionally but better output for our clients.


We are just as passionate about growing our people as we are about growing our clients’ businesses. We encourage our employees to be fearlessly human and unexpectedly irreverent, and motivate employees to think freely. From novice interns to seasoned executives, we all contribute to the transformative thinking that our clients crave.