Prophet: The Indispensable Ally to Business Leaders

Uncommon growth requires purpose-led strategies, blending creativity, data and technology.

We strive to be an indispensable ally to our clients in their growth journeys, leaders who aspire to build brands, transform businesses and move society. This year has challenged us, as never before, to bring that purpose to life in new and innovative ways.

Many of our clients and employees came of age when the best solutions simply meant more sales and a stronger bottom line. Anything that increased a company’s return to shareholders counted as excellence. While the move to purpose-led growth and multi-stakeholder capitalism had already begun shifting businesses away from that narrow vein of thinking, the past year blew it up entirely.

What Does it Look Like to Have Prophet as Your Growth Partner?

Prophet draws on expertise around the world, with 600+ employees in 15 offices. And we work with a single global P&L that enables us to put a just-the-right expert in each client situation, whether our teammate is based in Austin, Hong Kong or Berlin.

From the ground up, we built Prophet to be your growth partner, driving high-impact digital transformation.

And all this consistently has helped us form enduring bonds with our clients. As Dr. Michael K. Stern, President and Chief Operating Officer, Climate at Monsanto, put it: “The Prophet team integrates themselves with the client – they felt like a part of the team and were completely aligned with what [the team] was trying to do.”

Our clients tell us we are responsive, supportive and thorough—a trusted extension of their teams.

These long-term relationships come from closely partnering with our clients, side-by-side, especially when the right path is the riskier one. Our Propheteers carefully cultivate these connections, blending creativity, data and technology in new ways to help our clients meet their growth goals.

Today, we know that is not enough.

Creating Enduring Bonds with Our Clients & Teams

“Indispensable” doesn’t mean the same thing it did a year ago and setting effective growth agendas can’t be the only goal. We build relevance–the kind that can only come from genuine purpose and empathy. That means we stand for companies that stand for something–and we’re here to push, prod and lead our clients to these new avenues of opportunity. What doors are opening in this changing environment? And how can we help clients find these purpose-driven transformations, nourished by digital and organizational change?

Our People Lead the Charge

This year, our unique team of thinkers, doers and makers increasingly challenged each other to share their entire perspective, including what it means to be gay, Black, immigrant or female. Those identities have always been there. But as we learn to be better allies to each other, the entirety of employees’ experience is helping us think more broadly and feel more deeply. We’re learning to be more empathic, compassionate and open-minded. Unsurprisingly, that’s allowing us to create even better solutions.


We’ve always tried to take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Our teams are recommitting to making life at Prophet positive, honest and supportive, bringing their most authentic selves to each experience. We’re not just indispensable allies to our clients. We’re indispensable allies to our colleagues, too. As much as we’re about respect, productivity and hard work, we’re also fans of irreverence, lightness and sincere pep talks. We’re here to enjoy the ride–and we expect our clients will, too.

To learn more about Prophet – our teams, our clients and how they team together – please send me a note: I’d love to hear from you.