Winnovation Factors: Five Criteria for Innovation Excellence

Working with intensely nimble companies, we’ve distilled five essential factors for innovation.

Transform from innovation laggard to innovation leader

The pandemic disrupted business operations in ways leaders could not have possibly imagined. Forward-looking companies used this as a catalyst for innovation, to digitize services, fast-track disruptive products, or access new markets – but there were many who fell short. The appetite for innovation is far from slowing and the urgency for businesses to continue to flex their innovation muscle has never been greater. To avoid the risk of slipping behind, ill-prepared for the next crisis, companies need to be putting innovation front and center now to ensure they seize the seeds of opportunity and prosper in a post-pandemic world.

Prophet works with high-performing, innovation-driven companies of all shapes and sizes across a spectrum of categories and markets. There’s a lot other companies can learn from their approaches and attributes. We’ve distilled what we’ve discovered from our work into a set of five essential factors that are present, either in part or in full, at those nimble companies reaping the benefits of innovation-driven success.

Want to unleash innovation-driven growth and build resilience for your business? Read the five criteria for innovation excellence here.

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