Defining a compelling ESG story to lead a sustainable future 


ASUS is a leading technology manufacturer that has set an ambitious sustainability goal to achieve 100% renewable energy in global operations centers by 2035. With a focus on creating positive impacts on the environment and society, ASUS has championed data-driven and scientific management methodologies to optimize sustainability practices.  

Having invested heavily into its ESG initiatives over the past few years, ASUS saw an opportunity to better communicate its ESG strategy and success to the market. Prophet partnered with ASUS to create a compelling ESG narrative to demonstrate the tech leader’s strong commitment to sustainability and a better future. 


We started by understanding ASUS’s ESG vision and current strategy through in-depth interviews with executives and stakeholders across multiple business units. Our key focus was to better understand ASUS’s underlying strategic motivations and unique competitive edges in ESG. We also conducted audits on how ASUS and other leading technology brands communicate their ESG efforts and identified key trends and best practices to inform future communication strategy.  

Based on internal and external perspectives, we developed three potential creative territories to articulate ASUS’s ESG narrative and crystalized a unique and future-ready ESG narrative that’s deeply rooted in the company’s DNA. The new ESG slogan – “Sustaining an Incredible Future” – underscores ASUS’s commitment to creating shared value for everyone, with reference to its brand essence “In Search of Incredible”. A variety of activation ideas were co-created to guide ASUS’s key divisions in developing future initiatives to underpin its ESG strategy. 

To bring our narrative to life, we transformed the new ESG principles into a comprehensive visual system and flexible key visual. Our core visual pattern concept starts from a single pixel that symbolizes ASUS’s singular focus on technology advancement, and evolved into a grid system that signifies the accumulation of experience to create an incredible future for all stakeholders. A living brand flexible enough to anticipate and solve any environmental needs, representing ASUS’s focused areas for ESG. The color palette comprised of ASUS blue and a fresh teal, balancing contemporary and sophistication. Additionally, we created a comprehensive icon library, including recommendations on how the iconic visual patterns can live and expand with ASUS.  


In January 2023, ASUS hosted an inspiring launch event with its new ESG value proposition , “Sustaining an incredible future,” at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), sharing with the world its commitment to a sustainable future. The ESG narrative creates a strong and compelling purpose for the tech leader to connect its organization, products and employees. 

Prophet continues to explore new initiatives and activation ideas with ASUS to bring its ESG ambition to life. 

Client Testimonial

“It was a pleasure to partner with Prophet on the journey driving sustainability at ASUS. Prophet’s experts understood deeply the core of ASUS’s DNA and ESG strategy and developed a sophisticated ESG narrative through storytelling and visual expressions. The updated ESG strategy was launched at the CES as the keynote of ASUS’s exhibition with wide attention and acclaims.” 

Eunice Chou
Global Commercial Marketing Head, System Group, ASUS 

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