Repositioning to support business transformation


After being taken private by a group of investors, BMC was restructured into five distinct business units representing key product lines. Management was given the mandate to drive growth with core IT audiences and emerging business buyers.

But BMC was poorly positioned to win, due to low awareness and consideration in several key product areas. There was a lack of clarity in the market about what BMC stood for and even a lack of conviction that the brand could become relevant in a digital-first economy.

Prophet was hired to develop a “Golden Thread” brand strategy that would unite BMC’s product system under a common umbrella, differentiate the company against existing and emerging competitors, and ultimately, position BMC as a relevant brand across all lines of IT and digital service management.


We started by mapping the IT and digital service management categories, laying out buying center dynamics, customer needs and competitive solutions in a holistic view of the current state. This mapping enabled us to identify entirely new possibilities for the brand – ones that could be credible for BMC to deliver based on its production system and capabilities.

We identified and explored four territories that could drive relevance, credibility differentiation, and ultimately devised a new positioning for BMC as the “DNA of the Digital Enterprise” that significantly modernized the brand, re-ignited relevance and consideration, and established a platform for differentiated growth. The positioning squarely established BMC as a key player in helping businesses become more digital.

Working in partnership with Moving Brands in San Francisco, we used the strategy to help guide the development of BMC’s updated logo and identity system. Prophet then worked with the GMs across the company to develop BU-specific narratives and product messaging aligned to the new brand strategy.


The strategy has helped drive incredible business impact for BMC and its investors. The company has achieved:

  • $1B in new revenues and a number of new global customer accounts
  • An emerging reputation in digital
  • Share gains vs. large-cap competitors
  • Worldwide acclaim from industry analysts
  • Significant ROI on private equity investment