Uniting science and technology leaders under a powerful new brand


In 2021, II-VI, a global leader in engineered materials and optoelectronic components, announced its intent to acquire Coherent, a global laser technology leader. Integrating these two powerful organizations would create a global leader in materials, networking and lasers—shaping markets from communications to industrial, electronics and instrumentation. 

II-VI engaged Prophet at this critical inflection point to help them define the strategy and expression for the new company, signaling to the market why it came together, what it stands for and what it promises to deliver. 


Leadership wanted to clearly signal its intent to create a truly integrated organization  
and elected to adopt the Coherent name. The word “coherent” has a technical meaning in laser technology, but also means being united or forming a whole—which served as an apt metaphor for the companies coming together. 

From there, we helped them articulate the brand strategy, using leadership perspectives and category analysis as key inputs. For decades, both companies helped their customers develop and design groundbreaking products. Coming together created an unrivaled combination of technologies, platforms and deep expertise that positioned the new Coherent to be their customers’ design partner of choice—helping them not only respond to current demands but anticipate where their customers and industries would go next. With that insight, we developed a brand strategy focused on helping customers shape the future and create a world that’s safer, healthier, and more connected than ever before. We used the brand strategy as the foundation for a modular messaging framework and adapted it for key audiences. 

We brought this idea to life with a powerful new visual identity. The new logo celebrates the atom, foundational to all of Coherent’s products. The new logo features the atomic structure embedded in the typography to represent the full breadth of the integrated Coherent offering. Combining a vibrant Neptune blue with a striking, high-contrast color palette, the dynamic graphic system brings the design language of science to life. 
Finally, we supported the brand’s launch with a communications rollout plan and an extensive library of assets, from banner ads to signage to a launch video. 

“Rebranding a multi-billion-dollar company was an opportunity of a lifetime that required the support of a top brand firm. Prophet was a great partner all along the way. Prophet’s process helped us converge towards a bold and highly relevant new visual identity that felt like it would stand the test of time and potentially become iconic in our industry.”

Mark Lourie
Global Vice President of Corporate Communications & Brand Development