Consumer Electronics Retailer

A consumer electronics retailer finds new growth territory through convergence


For years, consumer electronics retailers focused their digital transformation efforts on individual product transactions and omnichannel retailing to drive revenue. Yet with digital commerce, companies offering greater transparency and choice to customers, and supply chain innovations enhancing accessibility of products, it has become nearly impossible for traditional retailers to compete on product assortment, channel mix or price. As a result, our client was experiencing declining margins for several consecutive quarters.


To unlock uncommon growth, our client needed to converge transformation efforts around a whole new purpose and way of doing business that took into account the needs, behaviors and expectations of customers today. Through an iterative ideation process, Prophet uncovered loyalty-driving experiences that helped them reimagine their purpose and establish a new relationship with their customers and employees as not just a place to transact but a place to get great customer service.  To test our hypotheses, we engaged in service design processes that were rapid, iterative and collaborative, focusing on key experiences and pivoting based on customer feedback.


We prototyped new formats, built an MVP of a platform service for customer support, and detailed an operational blueprint that could be piloted at the enterprise level. In addition to a new value proposition, we also build a website to socialize the tools and visual mock-ups that would help bring everyone from the C-suite to sales teams on board.