Leading Shipping and Logistics Company

Using engaging content to increase visibility


A leading national shipping and logistics company wanted to increase its visibility among small business owners by engaging them with content. Although it had a small business blog for this purpose, the company needed direction in terms of the type of content that would be most effective, and a set of editorial guidelines that would ensure consistent quality and purpose.

In addition, it needed alignment from multiple stakeholders within its company, including corporate communications, digital marketing and the executive suite, so that all parties could focus on a common set of goals that delivered on both business and customer needs.


Altimeter ran a full-day content strategy workshop with participation from all the stakeholder departments. The workshop focused on the specific needs of three types of audiences, small business owners, marketing professionals, and supply chain worker, with the goal of choosing the right content archetype to deliver to each segment. In addition, we facilitated discussions between participants on the specific resources they needed to act on the strategy, and how to resolve competing priorities between different departments.


As a result of the workshop, participants were able to agree on prioritizing one content archetype over all the others for all three audiences. This gave them a clear vision and mandate for an effective content strategy that could be scaled across the organization, and measured.

They were also able to generate and align on a set of editorial criteria that enabled content to be produced in any part of the organization but meet standards for quality and consistency. Finally, we created a roadmap of prioritized initiatives to successfully implement the new content strategy, with recommendations for technology, governance and budget.