DB Schenker

Defining a purpose with the power to transform


For more than 145 years, DB Schenker has been supporting industry and trade in the global exchange of goods. With a commitment to continuous innovation, and in order to keep its place as the global industry leader, over the years the German logistics firm had merged and acquired numerous businesses to facilitate this success and growth. However, the mash-up of cultures resulting from this activity was impacting performance. Prophet was enlisted to develop a strategic purpose for DB Schenker that would unite is 76,000 employees around the world, guide actions and connect stakeholders.


Working with the management board and the next generation of leaders, we developed a powerful, motivating purpose statement articulating what DB Schenker stands for and their ambition to become an innovative market shaper in logistics:

‘We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects’, revolves around the contribution each DB Schenker employee makes in running the global operations of thousands of businesses and the impact that has on improving their customers’ lives. One large customer, for example, relies on hundreds of DB Schenker employees – situated worldwide – to move its products around the globe, to retail stores, and into people’s homes.

To bring the new purpose to life and drive DB Schenker’s culture transformation, Prophet also developed a set of supporting values rooted in the firm’s over 145-year-old heritage they are designed to guide how people go about doing their work and decision-making across all levels of the business.


Launched as part of DB Schenker’s global employee engagement program #weareschenker, the new purpose and values were well-received by the thousands of employees and continues to be a huge source of pride bolstering the brand and the business alike. DB Schenker is already seeing results, with public recognition from the industry, named the ‘Best Logistics Brand in Germany’, a testament to how the business utilizes its decades of experience and expertise to always provide customers with the best solution.