Kibo Foods

Ingredients for a Successful CPG Product Launch


Colombian CPG conglomerate, Grupo Nutresa, was launching its first North American product, Kibo Foods—nutritious, delicious chickpea chips—to the U.S. market, exclusively through Amazon. 

They needed a partner that could bring a modern approach to all aspects of their U.S. launch—branding, marketing, owned and paid media, content development, website, e-commerce, fulfillment, media management, performance measurement and optimization.  


Since Kibo Chickpea Chips had no previous brand presence in the North American market, it was crucial to determine their potential consumers. We identified online tribes of healthy snackers to understand possible target audiences based on their affinity for similar brands and likelihood to buy snacks on Three “Healthy Snacker” target profiles were built with hyper-focused demographics—including interests, brand affinities, personality traits, shopping behaviors, influencer relationships, media channel consumption habits and most-engaging content types. 

We then refined the Kibo brand positioning, crafted relevant messaging themes, and established a distinct, playful voice and visual design system. Detailed message maps overlaid the brand strategy to the shopper journeys and confirmed which omnichannel assets, experiences and messages would engage audiences most. We then created an all-in-one visual web design platform that allowed us to build and take the site live without a long development and testing process. Working closely with the Kibo team, we established their digital storefront on Amazon, providing consultation, SEO-backed copy, product imagery, offers and ad assets. 

Then, we created a media strategy to put the right message in front of the audience at the right time. We selected channels, allocated the spend and modeled against goals to ensure a drive to purchase. To get the brand in-market quickly, we conducted a three-day video and photo shoot strategically organized to capture an entire asset library, which included motion graphics, product photography, lifestyle imagery and video assets, allowing us to build a seamless customer experience across the website, social channels, email and display—and setting up the Kibo team for ongoing social engagement.  


We helped Kibo get its start in homes across America with continuous optimization through analysis that fueled robust sales growth. To enable internal marketing and creative teams to execute and extend the brand effectively, we developed an activation playbook that synthesized the brand strategy and summarized brand guidelines. Performance reports and optimization recommendations were delivered monthly to guide ongoing content, theme and messaging decisions. 



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