Modernizing a healthcare leader’s purpose and values


Lantheus has been a pioneer in the healthcare industry, creating next-generation diagnostics and targeted therapeutics that delivered better patient outcomes since 1956.

In 2015, Lantheus was listed on NASDAQ, ushering in a new era of change for the healthcare leader. A new leadership team and the acquisition of Progenics Pharmaceuticals followed. These changes fundamentally altered the organization’s DNA, and the leadership team knew it needed to modernize its purpose and values.

Lantheus tasked Prophet with reinvigorating the organization’s purpose and values statements to effectively communicate its long-term aspirations, inspire employees and assert its core beliefs to customers and investors.


Prophet first worked to understand the organization from the outside and in– performing a competitive audit, gathering out-of-category analogs, conducting executive interviews and sending employee surveys. We worked closely with Lantheus’ executive leaders to co-create potential solutions and test them with industry experts as well as current and prospective employees.

Our team used this data to develop the go-forward purpose and values and defined behaviors designed to empower employees to live the organization’s values. To help Lantheus’ leadership team activate the organization’s new purpose and values, we developed a high-level communication strategy that included a set of socialization materials.


The new purpose, values and defined behaviors are playing a pivotal role in Lantheus’ communications to customers, employees, prospective talent and investors. In addition, Lantheus has weaved its purpose and values throughout its website, aligning its brand identity with its organizational DNA.

“Prophet helped us create meaningful purpose and values that are more than words on a PowerPoint slide.”

Paul Blanchfield
Chief Operating Officer

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