Transforming Hillrom into an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare


Coming off a long string of acquisitions and successful organic growth, Hillrom’s business more than doubled in less than three years. Not only was its portfolio of products and services more diverse, but it also carried a variety of different brand names, and its business units operated them independently. More importantly, Hillrom’s customers were turning to them for help with their digital transformation efforts. As a result, Hillrom needed to integrate its portfolio from a digital perspective and transform its brand to reflect the modern, integrated and digital-focused Hillrom.


Prophet worked with Hillrom on several fronts that included defining an integrated and connected portfolio under the Hillrom master brand. The organization became positioned around a vision of “Advancing Connected Care,” which helped bring that promise to life by migrating ongoing digital acquisitions into its portfolio. Prophet helped Hillrom run a series of customer-centric, demand-gen campaigns to bring its story to market and fuel its CRM system and sales funnel.


Since its rebrand, Hillrom has experienced business growth in six of its subsequent eight quarters, with its non-bed business contributing to much of that, signifying how it is more than just its legacy hospital bed business and more of an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare.

In late 2021, Hillrom was acquired by Baxter, making it a $15 billion global medtech leader and accelerating the organization’s vision for transforming healthcare and advancing patient care.