Redefining an iconic social media brand


Hootsuite is the leading social media management provider with millions of users around the globe. As the world’s first social media management platform, it has been on the pulse and at the forefront of how people use social media for over a decade. However, since the company was founded, the industry Hootsuite pioneered has expanded and evolved—becoming crowded, noisy and diluted. As social media matured and became an environment of instant feedback, hot takes and influencer culture, conversations around mental health challenges inherent in the space began to bubble up. ​

​Catalyzed by organic growth and key acquisitions of companies like Heyday and SparkCentral, Hootsuite needed to reassert its category leadership while expanding its frame of reference to include growing capabilities around social marketing, commerce and care. It also needed a way to show how it intends to mitigate the negativity and challenges of the channel—using its position as a leader to show a better way forward. As a result, Hootsuite partnered with Prophet to create a refreshed brand strategy and identity. 


We started with a robust evaluation of the competitive set, conducting methodical audits in tandem with stakeholder and customer interviews to understand what made Hootsuite’s products and people unique.

Inspired by Hootsuite’s expanding capabilities and its values-driven, positive organizational culture, we identified an opportunity to elevate the entire category of social, dismantling the tradeoff between using social for-profit and social for positivity. ​We crystallized the strategy by articulating a new purpose: “We believe in the power of social to uplift people and ignite brands and business.”  

We designed a refreshed take that would break Hootsuite free from the sea of sameness, both in the way the brand looks and speaks. Hootsuite is a brand that seeks to uplift, amplify and delight, and its longtime icon, Owly, needed to play a critical role in the evolution of the brand. We worked with the team to appoint Owly as Hootsuite’s new chief connection officer, the anthropomorphism of the brand’s tone and tenor.

For the verbal identity, we knew we needed to express the next generation of social maturity in a unique way—by demonstrating Hootsuite’s expertise, not just claiming it. To help Hootsuite stand out in a sea of simple, conversational voices, we leaned into its warmth and personality, largely via Owly, helping its new voice shine with a playful, mischievous edge and a touch of Canadian colloquialism to signal its roots as a Vancouver-based company.

​Visually, we designed an Owly glow-up, expanding  Owly’s appearance—optimized for the logo mark—to a full body with poses. For the first time, Owly could emote, react and empathize, emulating the feelings of both Hootsuite and its customers. We paired Owly’s playful, flat illustration with a funky wordmark (based on “Adieu” by Good Type Foundry) and a daring, nature-inspired color palette. We specifically crafted these core elements to feel human, tactile and warm to buck the glossy, pastel artifice common across the industry. However, this is a modern, visionary brand, so we balanced this friendliness with a sharp, dynamic design system.  ​

Emphasizing rhythm, momentum and transformation, the new system reflects the energy of the social landscape and the positive impact Hootsuite has on organizations, consumers and society. ​

Finally, equipped with the new strategy, visual and verbal identity, we partnered with the Hootsuite team to create value propositions for their emerging capabilities around social commerce and care, bringing the brand’s DNA into cutting-edge new offerings to resonate with existing and new buyers alike.


Hootsuite’s new brand launched to much excitement. Adweek explored the rebrand with a full feature article, while other outlets around the globe from Mexico to Spain and the UK to Australia covered the transformation resulting in millions of brand impressions to date. Hootsuite’s employees are enthusiastically embracing the brand’s new identity, posting on social with a passion that burns bright as they disrupt the industry all over again.  ​

Within 60 days of the brand relaunch, 36 pieces of global earned media coverage have resulted in a total reach of over 10 million unique monthly views. In the same period, the brand’s launch campaign reached 19M unique users, generated awareness with over 1.7M prospects (brand lift), influenced 528 conversations and delivered over 94M impressions.

This award-winning work was recognized by Fast Company in its 2023 Innovation by Design Awards in the Best Branding and Enduring Impact categories and as a Silver winner in the 2022 North America Transform Awards for “Best use of copy style or tone of voice” and “Best brand evolution (business).”



unique monthly views within 60 days of brand relaunch


prospects (brand lift) within 60 days of brand relaunch


impressions within 60 days of brand relaunch


“When we started our rebrand process, we knew we needed a partner that fully understood our objective for this new brand identity–Prophet was able to deliver a strategy that was robust, creative and aligned with our business goals and guiding principles.”

Maggie Lower
Chief Marketing Officer


Change Please

Designing an experience strategy to help a nonprofit enable its global expansion


Change Please is a coffee company that supports individuals that are homeless by hiring and training them to become baristas. The charity provides the living wage, housing and therapy and devotes 100% of the profits to ending homelessness.​ 

The brand is already well-established in the U.K., with close to 60 coffee stores and plans on expanding into multiple markets as the number of trained and employed baristas continues to grow. Amid plans for global expansion, the charity was intent on finding the best path to uncommon growth at a pivotal moment. 

It needed help creating design assets that would drive the brand forward and an experience strategy that is unique and consistent. 


Prophet and Change Please used co-creation workshops to brainstorm and collaborate on ways the charity could bring its unique heritage to life, using fun and informal visual story representations. 

We focused on new approaches for core journey phases for digital and offline touchpoints. This included a unique unboxing experience to help customers learn about the mission at home. We also created an iconographic narrative of the brand story using a tangible and engaging journey map to use in its cafes. 

Our holistic playbook includes 40 concepts to improve the overall brand and experience. We focused primarily on three core areas: design updates and advice, social media guidance and experience ideation.  


Change Please is testing these new experiences in stores and across digital touchpoints. It is rolling out the design assets in cafes across the U.K., as well as incorporating Prophet’s concepts into global growth efforts. Most importantly, people are learning more about this ambitious organization wherever they drink their coffee.  

Through Prophet’s pro-bono program, Propheteers lend their expertise to a select group of nonprofits, helping them achieve remarkable results. If you or a nonprofit you know is interested in working with us, reach out today.



Building a new technology brand to empower the global IoT industry


To fuel a new wave of strategic growth, leading IoT technology company BOE realized the imminent need to upgrade its master brand strategy. BOE came to Prophet with two key objectives: First, to extend its brand perception from a “business-oriented” company to a “consumer-oriented” one by creating a clear and consistent image as an IoT technology leader; second, it wanted to define a new brand architecture that fuels the growth of its diversified business portfolio. 


Prophet partnered with BOE to help upgrade its master brand and refine its brand architecture. Based on our strategic recommendations, BOE decided to launch a new technology ingredient brand – a first in China’s semiconductor display sector – as a significant strategic move to establish itself as a B2B2C company. The new brand aims to strengthen a strong connection between BOE’s core technologies and its master brand while energizing the global smart technology industry.

Through a series of co-creative workshops with BOE’s business and technical teams, we first clarified the brand’s main objectives, core audience, key technologies and activation strategies. Based on these strategic principles, we defined the naming strategy for the new brand.  

We leaned on our previous relationship with BOE and our deep understanding of its business to create product names for its core display technologies as well as the tagline “See the Unseen.” In addition, we worked closely with BOE to clarify the functional and emotional benefits of the new brand and developed a unified positioning framework for the technology brand and its core display technology products to follow. This allowed communication with BOE’s diverse audience in a simple and straightforward way. We also developed the activation strategies for both BOE’s business and consumer audiences

Next, our design team created an impactful visual system, bringing the brand positioning to life through a distinctive identity and a living system. Using the creative concept of “unleash possibilities”, we developed a visual system of dynamic shapes and a high-saturation palette to symbolize the brand’s commitment to deepening the integration of life and technology, unlocking endless possibilities. The design utilizes simple graphic elements of dots and squares. The dots are derived from BOE’s master brand’s logo, representing the company’s ambitious vision, while the squares are meant to mimic screen pixels, symbolizing the innovative technologies that BOE provides to the world. 

Lastly, to ensure the new brand’s successful and consistent implementation, we developed a clear and curated brand guideline, which details the final visual identity, the comprehensive visual system and applications.


In December 2021, BOE officially launched the first technology ingredient brand in China’s semiconductor display field. The new brand introduces a portfolio of BOE’s premium, proprietary display technologies, including ADS Pro, f-OLED, and a-MLED. 

BOE has announced strategic partnerships with both domestic and international technology brands including AOC, Skyworth, Hisense, Lenovo, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi, to jumpstart the new technology platform. As one of the key components of IoT innovations, the advancements in display technologies will enrich diverse application scenarios. BOE is committed to continuing to lead the industry forward with new innovations that unleash endless possibilities. 

And, our work with BOE earned recognition by Transform Magazine’s Transform Awards Asia 2022, winning gold in the category for Best Visual Identity from the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Section, and silver for Best Development of a New Brand Within an Existing Brand Portfolio and Best Strategic or Creative Development of a New Brand categories.

“With strong diligence and dedication, Prophet demonstrated deep insights into the technology industry and a true understanding of our business. It helped us successfully overcome the roadblocks of rebranding amid a business transformation, elevating our existing brand strategy in a clear and concise manner. All these endeavors were highly effective in repositioning BOE as an IoT company with a refreshed identity system.”

Da Si
Vice President and Chief Brand Officer


Consumer Electronics Retailer

A consumer electronics retailer finds new growth territory through convergence


For years, consumer electronics retailers focused their digital transformation efforts on individual product transactions and omnichannel retailing to drive revenue. Yet with digital commerce, companies offering greater transparency and choice to customers, and supply chain innovations enhancing accessibility of products, it has become nearly impossible for traditional retailers to compete on product assortment, channel mix or price. As a result, our client was experiencing declining margins for several consecutive quarters.


To unlock uncommon growth, our client needed to converge transformation efforts around a whole new purpose and way of doing business that took into account the needs, behaviors and expectations of customers today. Through an iterative ideation process, Prophet uncovered loyalty-driving experiences that helped them reimagine their purpose and establish a new relationship with their customers and employees as not just a place to transact but a place to get great customer service.  To test our hypotheses, we engaged in service design processes that were rapid, iterative and collaborative, focusing on key experiences and pivoting based on customer feedback.


We prototyped new formats, built an MVP of a platform service for customer support, and detailed an operational blueprint that could be piloted at the enterprise level. In addition to a new value proposition, we also build a website to socialize the tools and visual mock-ups that would help bring everyone from the C-suite to sales teams on board.


Ora Developers

Defining the customer and sales experience for a new kind of real estate developer


When we kicked off our partnership with Ora Developers, an Egyptian property developer, it was a new player in a highly established and competitive Egyptian real estate market. Backed by Egypt’s premier entrepreneur, Naguib Sawiris, Ora wanted to leverage its global property development expertise and challenger mindset to disrupt a market of brands delivering identical customer journeys, visual identities and value propositions.

Prophet was enlisted to transform Ora’s approach to customer experience and sales, enabling it to offer regional customers an experience with a developer that they had never had before.


Prophet helped Ora re-think the sales-first model that was prevailing amongst competitors, adopting instead a customer-first approach to stand out and win loyal customers and their referrals. We designed a new customer journey, a differentiating internal visual brand and style for Ora’s CX team and internal training materials – all of which helped to socialize and educate Ora teams while supporting the overall ambition to position Ora as a transparent and trusted partner for its customers.

We also created a number of customer-facing initiatives designed to delight and surprise Ora’s customers, showing them that Ora was a new kind of real estate developer for Egypt.


By joining forces with Ora at a very nascent stage, the Prophet team was able to shape the company into a customer-first organization from its very core. With scalable solutions, Ora put this new strategy to work across its real estate projects as it continues to grow its business.

“The strategy and artwork [Prophet] created were exceptional and helped us to grow our relationships with customers, acquire new leads and unify our business around a core customer-first culture.”

Irina Basova
CX at Ora Developers



Repositioning McAfee for accelerated growth


With innovations like streaming and teleconferencing as well as external trends like COVID-19, people found themselves living more of their lives online—and in turn, looking to find better online protection.

At the same time, McAfee, the global cybersecurity leader, announced it was spinning off its enterprise business to focus exclusively on consumers.

These two realities provided McAfee with a moment-in-time opportunity to redefine what its consumer business stands for and become even more relevant for the people it serves and position itself for accelerated growth.


McAfee partnered with Prophet to uncover how it could best become more relevant with consumers. After auditing the competitive landscape and immersing in what made McAfee unique, Prophet conducted research with over 5,000 customers internationally to understand the needs and opportunities where McAfee could play. In our research, we uncovered a white space that customers care about and where McAfee could credibly deliver.

Working closely with McAfee executives, we crafted a new brand strategy, including a more human-centered brand positioning that pushes beyond the category’s conventions. We looked at untapped drivers of purchase to build a brand that focuses on how McAfee’s protection—not just cybersecurity, but identity, privacy and family protections too—frees and empowers people to confidently enjoy their lives online.

We developed a new verbal and visual brand identity to match—crafting a brand voice that is approachable and optimistic, messaging that highlights McAfee’s research-backed strengths and a look-and-feel that is modern and dynamic that can be applied across marketing and product.

Prophet translated the new strategy and identity into a compelling digital launch campaign. The “Free to Be” campaign highlights how everyone deserves to be able to do what they want to do online—that people should be free to learn, free to shop, free to bank, free to connect—confidently and without fear of online threats.


The new strategy, brand identity and corresponding campaign herald the future of online protection—not just for McAfee, but for what consumers should demand from the online protection industry. McAfee will continue to roll out major updates and industry firsts that help consumers stay protected and enjoy life online.

“Prophet became our indispensable ally. They expertly bridged strategy and execution and helped us effectively align our organization around our new brand strategy, which is helping us continue to deliver on the future of online protection.”

Judy Bitterli
SVP of Marketing


Mechanical Licensing Collective

Designing a portal experience to expedite royalty payments to music rightsholders


If there’s one industry that’s been at the front lines of digital transformation, it’s the music industry. Today, digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play put an entire universe of music at listeners’ fingertips but those innovations have also left music makers behind, exacerbating challenges in compensating music rightsholders.

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), a non-profit organization designated by the U.S. Copyright Office following the historic Music Modernization Act (MMA) of 2018, ensures that songwriters, composers, lyricists and music publishers receive their mechanical royalties from streaming and download services. To deliver on their promise of paying royalties accurately and expeditiously, the MMA and the MLC partnered with Prophet to design its user portal experience – engaging rightsholders and, for the first time in history, enabling them to manage their musical works within the MLC’s database.


To ensure that we were meeting the needs of those target audiences, we took a human-centered design approach from the start. We conducted primary ethnographic research with future users that represented the diversity of the MLC’s membership, which included in-depth interviews with publishers and self-administered songwriters across multiple genres and geographies, to understand their daily routines, attitudes and work styles. We also conducted teardowns of tools that MLC members use every day to understand what design elements members preferred and determine what “great” looked from a real user’s perspective.

With those insights, we worked with the MLC to prototype and test different experience concepts. Much like music, experience design is a collaborative and creative process, so we engaged publishers and songwriters early and iteratively to “jam” on portal page designs and workflows, incorporating their feedback throughout our design process to create an experience that was as intuitive and seamless as possible.

As MVP design progressed, our team worked closely with the MLC’s development partner to bring the portal to life. Operating as an integrated team of designers, web developers and platform administrators, we created key portal features over multiple sprints and developed a living design pattern library to equip the MLC with a strong foundation for future releases.


The MLC launched its portal in September 2020 to high praise for its design and usability. Since its launch, the MLC has registered thousands of users and now distributes tens of millions of dollars in mechanical royalties to its members every month. It has also built a strong team behind the portal, focused every day on optimizing the portal experience and adding and enhancing features that help its members “play their part.”

“Prophet shared our vision from the very start, dedicating time and acute attention to detail to develop a resource that sits at the heart of the MLC’s work and is crucial to serving our members and fulfilling our mission.”

Richard Thompson
CTO, The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC)


Cerner Enviza

Launching a real-world data and evidence operating unit into market


Cerner realized through its real-world data that it had the ability to make the process of developing lifesaving medicine quicker and more cost-efficient. To further augment its capabilities, it acquired Kantar Health, the healthcare research and consulting solutions division within Kantar Group.

With the combined capabilities of data and real-world evidence expertise, Cerner aspired to enter the market with a new offering that drove collaboration between providers and the pharmaceutical industry to answer complex clinical research questions and to accelerate therapies. Cerner asked Prophet to help support the creation of this new operating unit, which would transform the way care was delivered and improve patient outcomes.


Prophet leveraged the assets and reputation of the Cerner brand, while at the same time creating new assets and equities that spoke to its transformative business evolution.

Prophet partnered with key leaders across the organization to integrate the combined capabilities of data and research expertise. Our team worked to develop a new brand that both captured Cerner’s heritage and brand strength while folding in its new capabilities and the unique growth opportunities they presented. The team developed the name Cerner Enviza, a coined word based on ‘envision’ that conveys the remarkable clarity the new operating unit would bring to healthcare’s most important decisions.

In support of the new unit’s purpose, we created a brand identity system with a fresh logo, color palette, photography, iconography and much more. The new brand successfully struck a balance between Cerner’s heritage and its new future in accelerating the discovery and development of therapies.


When Cerner publicly announced its new operating unit, Cerner Enviza, David Feinberg, M.D., President and CEO, looked to the brand’s future and stated, “With Cerner Enviza, we can arm researchers with diverse tools and datasets to help them address these challenges and help change the way we develop and deliver care for our patients.”

From the onset of its entry into the market, the organization had a strong solution for bringing transformative growth to the healthcare industry that will ultimately help achieve better patient outcomes.

“Prophet brought a wealth of information and knowledge that helped clarify the choices of how best to communicate our unique proposition, align our stakeholders and get us to a great solution.”

Dawn Riedel
Former Head of Corporate Marketing



Building one modern cybersecurity brand from two storied players


When Symphony Technology Group merged McAfee Enterprise and FireEye, it wanted to create a new brand, one modern enough to address the rapidly evolving needs of cybersecurity experts. It needed to demonstrate that in an age of cloud computing and machine learning, it could fend off the increasingly malicious actors that make headlines nearly every day. And it knew this new brand had to convey the strength and history of both companies.


Prophet’s multidisciplinary teams dove into customer research with security buyers, quickly learning that these experts operate in a near-constant state of digital transformation. They wanted smart, responsive products that evolve to deal with ever-changing security threats. They wanted a partner that instills confidence in their ability to maintain and grow operations and organizations.

Prophet developed the core idea of NewCo’s brand strategy: living security – a system that learns and adapts. From this strategy, the Prophet verbal team created Trellix, a name that evokes a natural system that grows with customers.  It also reflects the powerful combined capabilities of the new company,

We then mapped out a brand expression for Trellix that telegraphs the new company’s purpose and promise. A distinctive graphic element invokes a pool of data lines, representing the artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms that are the backbone of the robust Trellix living security ecosystem.

Using a vibrant, modern color palette, the company’s new name and look convey an optimistic and positive approach to cybersecurity — a departure from the industry’s warlike and militaristic tropes. And our experience team developed a comprehensive content strategy for the new Trellix website.


Prophet developed this new identity and digital experience in just under five months, leading up to the launch and included an internal celebration event and external marketing and PR campaign. Early analyst feedback on the brand has been positive, reflecting Trellix’s strong positioning for market leadership.

Brett Hannath, Chief Marketing Officer, explained that “Prophet helped us create a differentiated brand that conveys our fresh approach to cybersecurity. In a sea of same, Trellix stands out as we create a resilient digital world enabling trust and success.”



Transforming Hillrom into an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare


Coming off a long string of acquisitions and successful organic growth, Hillrom’s business more than doubled in less than three years. Not only was its portfolio of products and services more diverse, but it also carried a variety of different brand names, and its business units operated them independently. More importantly, Hillrom’s customers were turning to them for help with their digital transformation efforts. As a result, Hillrom needed to integrate its portfolio from a digital perspective and transform its brand to reflect the modern, integrated and digital-focused Hillrom.


Prophet worked with Hillrom on several fronts that included defining an integrated and connected portfolio under the Hillrom master brand. The organization became positioned around a vision of “Advancing Connected Care,” which helped bring that promise to life by migrating ongoing digital acquisitions into its portfolio. Prophet helped Hillrom run a series of customer-centric, demand-gen campaigns to bring its story to market and fuel its CRM system and sales funnel.


Since its rebrand, Hillrom has experienced business growth in six of its subsequent eight quarters, with its non-bed business contributing to much of that, signifying how it is more than just its legacy hospital bed business and more of an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare.

In late 2021, Hillrom was acquired by Baxter, making it a $15 billion global medtech leader and accelerating the organization’s vision for transforming healthcare and advancing patient care.


Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

Enhancing Digital Communications in the Fight To End Hunger


Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s mission is “Leading the fight to end hunger, in partnership with our community and in service of our neighbors in need.”  To do so, they distribute food directly to low-income people at community sites and make food available for other nonprofit organizations serving the ill, needy and infants. This team distributed 40 million pounds of food between March 2020 and February 2021.

Food Bank asked us to help with its newsletter communication. The original printed newsletter was titled “Bread Connection” and dated back to the early 90s. Though minor layout changes were made through the years, the digital newsletter had an outdated layout with too much text and no audience focus. Additionally, articles were comprised of a too wide range of content including event updates, program statistics and stories about the brand’s service.


Prophet helped Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano define a targeted messaging approach, a topic framework and target audience for the print newsletter. After desk research and gathering employee feedback, the new title “At the Table” was selected. It reflects the coming together of families to share stories and inviting the donor to have “a place at the table” while staying connected to what’s happening.

The design of the printed newsletter was modernized to resemble a magazine’s balance between photos and white space. The digital newsletter audience was defined with help of a persona– Amy, a mom who wanted a hopeful, actionable, engaging email that could be applied to her life hassle-free. The digital issue was rebranded as “Refresh” and was given a design rework and new functionality (mobile responsiveness).


Today, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano sends its newsletters to donors who have given any gift within last three years as well as volunteers who have served hours within last two years. With a clearer focus, the Food Bank team found it easier to create purposeful, written content an impactful newsletter when developing each newsletter.

It saw an increase of about $3,000 in donations directly related to the printed newsletter in the first year, trackable from paper remit envelopes in each edition.

Its digital newsletter saw 82% of their active list, which currently has 22,395 subscribers, open at least one newsletter in the past year.

“Prophet’s rework of our newsletters was a gamechanger in our offline and online communication with donors and volunteers.”

Rachel Braver
Community Marketing Manager



uplift in dollars donated via print newsletter


open rate for email newsletter in past year



Developing a new-age marketing strategy for a digital product launch


PartsSource is the world’s largest provider of medical replacement products. To complement its growing medical parts business, PartsSource sought to create a first-in-kind digital service offering designed to help customers source a variety of service personnel in their areas. The team needed help launching the service on its online platform, which is used by over 3,000 hospitals and more than 15,000 clinical sites. As an additional challenge, PartsSource wasn’t able to present the new product at an in-person conference due to COVID-19. So, the team needed to plan an engaging, virtual launch event as a part of the go-to-market strategy.


PartsSource turned to Prophet and Springbox, a Prophet Company, to support its first, digital-only product launch. Together, Prophet and PartsSource set out to strategically introduce the new service offering to clarify the value proposition, expand brand perceptions of PartsSource and most importantly, drive inbound leads for the business.

Prophet and Springbox developed a launch campaign strategy that successfully marketed the digital launch event, and also encapsulated the value PartsSource delivers as an end-to-end procurement channel partnership. Prophet and Springbox then brought the campaign to life by developing a series of campaign concepts (including art direction, image selection and copywriting). The campaign concepts were developed as a series of ads that were pushed into the market.


The campaign strategy evolved PartsSource’s position in the marketplace and cascaded down into other value propositions. The key and supporting messages resonated with each of the unique customer audience segments, highlighting the brand’s ability to connect with customers.

In 2021, Bain Capital Private Equity purchased the PartsSource from Great Hill Partners in a deal that values the company at about $1.25 billion.

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