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As experts blending tech, creative, and growth strategy capabilities, we help clients craft and activate plans to drive uncommon growth with a purposeful approach to AI.


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At Prophet, we believe that AI represents the next frontier of digital transformation that businesses must responsibly embrace to drive their purpose and unlock uncommon growth.

Our focus? Helping our clients achieve growth and transformation by powering people with AI tools. We believe in the power of augmented intelligence—combining human wisdom and ingenuity with the right AI technologies to grow businesses, individuals and society.  

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, businesses find themselves at a crossroads of uncertainty and boundless potential. For the first time, by being able to use generative AI in our daily lives, we can more clearly understand AI’s potential to reshape industries and customer experiences. 

We don’t pretend to have all-encompassing knowledge on exactly how AI will change our world in the next 10-20 years, because the truth is, nobody does. However, we do know that the unconscious implementation of new technology is the biggest failure of businesses seeking to transform. 

What sets Prophet apart is our commitment to embracing technology in service of purpose and growth. Our approach to AI is at the intersection of where data and technology meet human intuition, and where curiosity meets expertise. 

We acknowledge AI as more than a tool or technology, but a catalyst for change and force for driving business growth and reinvention. We have already seen the outsize effects of AI as various tools come online, and this pace of innovation is only set to continue in the future. 

We encourage the responsible adoption of AI not just for the sake of using AI, but to be a better business – fostering purposeful growth and enhancing productivity and efficiency within organizations. We seek to be active agents in developing future governance of AI, in collaboration with governments, enterprises and users.  

We help our clients understand and serve a new AI-empowered customer: a savvy buyer who wields the potential to move faster and smarter than even many businesses do today. As the age of AI advances upon us, appealing to AI-native customers and utilizing technology to serve them is what drives us.  

We help organizations embrace augmented intelligence, pairing AI technology with human wisdom to find better, faster ways of doing things. We believe in using AI as a partner in decision-making while preserving humanity.  

We strap in – as this kind of transformation is unpredictable. The journey ahead for those seeking to transform in the age of AI won’t be easy. It’s going to be unpredictable, requiring adaptive strategies and a willingness to level-set expectations at every turn. We co-create, iterate and work as one to navigate complexity and fast-paced change. 

Successful transformation in the age of AI is neither solely about the technology nor people—the unlock lies in the intersection between the two. As we stand at the threshold of AI transformation for all businesses in the coming years, our compass points us towards this direction. Where businesses aren’t forced to evolve but thrive in the era of AI-empowered people. It’s a journey where we embrace messiness, ask the right questions, and, above all, remain committed to unlocking the potential of people and technology to generate positive, purposeful outcomes that move society forward. 


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