A Guide to Kickstarting AI Integration in Your Product Organization 

Discover the transformative power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) in reshaping product development and customer experiences.

In the past year, Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), spearheaded by advanced models like ChatGPT and its counterparts, has revolutionized the customer experience landscape, democratizing intelligent technology as both an interface and an enabler. The rapid proliferation of Gen AI tools underscores a clear imperative: speed is of the essence when it comes to embracing Gen AI.  

Against this backdrop, the significance of AI in product development cannot be overstated. Organizations that leverage Gen AI as a strategic capability in delivering new products have the additional benefit of unlocking new pathways for AI transformation, growth and change. However, amidst the plethora of Gen AI applications and tools (alongside mounting stakeholder requests for AI integration), navigating this new terrain can seem daunting. Yet, the cost of delaying action outweighs the challenges of embracing AI. Its integration requires a paradigm shift, but here are a few actionable kick-starters to usher in opportunities to boost efficiency, effectiveness and innovation, while also addressing the hurdles typically encountered so that product leaders can embark on their AI journey with confidence, clarity and a purposeful approach.

1. Efficiency: Service Operations and Workflow Evaluation 

Efficiency is paramount in today’s fast-paced business landscape and presents an invaluable opportunity to streamline operations. For instance, how can we let Gen AI act as our assistant, adeptly handling cumbersome or repetitive tasks, both at the individual and organizational levels? Imagine not having to write a single product description: with Gen AI at the helm, targeting and performance see significant improvements. Take inspiration from Amazon’s product management team, who seamlessly integrated Gen AI into customer support, effectively managing first/second-level queries, reducing workloads and response times. 

To harness these efficiencies, start by evaluating service operations and workflows, followed by an AI Feasibility Assessment. Prioritize tasks based on their repetitiveness, data availability, scalability and complexity. When prioritizing tasks, consider giving more relevance to those that improve customer time to value. Select one or two pilot cases where appropriate off-the-shelf Gen AI solutions are already available and conduct pilots to assess impact and feasibility. This strategic approach not only optimizes efficiency but also paves the way for transformative change in organizational workflows.  

2. Enhancing Effectiveness: Value Exchange Analysis 

How might the computing power of Gen AI revolutionize approaches to identifying new insights, elevating our creative thinking and strategic decision-making? What if you could leverage Gen AI to analyze user engagement data, uncovering valuable insights into feature improvements and prioritizing them for implementation? Take Citymapper, for instance. This international city travel planning app is used by millions of commuters daily to navigate cities with real-time information. Leveraging data science, the company identified a critical time and route in London underserved by existing transportation options. In response, they established a dedicated private bus route on weekday afternoons to address this gap. By utilizing data collected from their mobile application, they translated insights into a tangible service, enhancing customer experience.

To drive effectiveness in your organization, you should consider embarking on a Value Exchange Analysis exercise to define the value exchanged through your product offering, systems, processes, service partners and customers. Consider what each stakeholder or partner in your ecosystem gives and receives. Visualize these exchanges and explore how Gen AI can maximize value by enhancing efficiencies, reducing errors and proactively recommending new insights, or creating entirely new value propositions. Again, run an AI Feasibility Assessment but instead of focusing on “repetitiveness” focus on “value maximization” potential. Utilize concierge tests to determine the minimum service level for each feature or offering to deliver tangible value. This not only amplifies effectiveness but also fosters a culture of innovation and value creation within the organization.  

3. Driving Innovation: Future-Back Growth 

How can Gen AI drive business model innovation by reconfiguring current assets and capabilities to create entirely new value propositions? With its aptitude for lateral and creative thinking, Gen AI is poised to maximize personalization, attracting previously untapped customer segments. Consider the case of a coffee roasting company that used Gen AI to analyze its customer data alongside market trends to suggest innovative coffee blends, which resulted in boosted sales and customer loyalty. 

To enhance innovation, adopt a future-back growth approach that anticipates and responds to evolving customer expectations. Run a comprehensive trend analysis to identify emerging behaviors and signals of change, laying the groundwork for scenario planning to explore new opportunity areas. Embrace Gen AI tools at every stage, from trend research to product development, to capitalize on its predictive capabilities and ensure alignment with future market demands. By embracing Gen AI-driven innovation, organizations can position themselves as pioneers in shaping the future landscape of their industries.  


We help our clients leverage Gen AI to discover innovative ways to develop digital and connected products that create customer and business value. This not only fuels growth but equips your people with the necessary skills to design superior experiences and products. It’s essential to recognize that leveraging AI isn’t just about data and technology. Our approach to AI is at the intersection of where data and technology meet human intuition and experience. Our aim is to simplify the complexity and pave the way for a promising future. Your Gen AI adventure awaits. 

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