AB InBev

Shaping the vision for a holistic and forward-looking ESG strategy


After defining new sustainability commitments, kickstarting various ESG initiatives and building a strong team to further progress, AB InBev needed to develop a vision for its holistic and forward-looking agenda. Without a unifying ambition, ESG would remain a “nice to do” rather than a critical component in the corporate strategy. AB InBev called upon Prophet to help shape a narrative that captured and amplified its bold mission to “Dream Big for a Future with More Cheers.” 


Prophet’s multidisciplinary teams started with a 4-week sprint, conducting a workshop to define the scope and depth of the work. In their conversations with the AB InBev team, leaders shared commercial goals and key themes for prioritization, and their linkages to brand purpose. 

Our team then performed an internal audit of AB InBev’s current sustainability programs, in collaboration with subject matter experts, to develop a deep understanding of results to date. Next, we looked outwards, auditing other category-leading peers and reflected on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to extract key themes, define issues and opportunities in the market and establish eight strategic tentpoles for the narrative. We reviewed our findings with the AB InBev team and refined them with our “where to play” and “how to win” framework.  

With these considerations in mind, Prophet delivered a cohesive and impactful narrative for the client centered around a unified, ESG-focused purpose. The narrative was translated into creative copy, visual design assets, narrative video and a brand voice toolkit to effectively bring its story to market. And to ensure that ESG touched every part of the corporate strategy, we developed a robust governance and oversight model for future work. 


The work developed by Prophet captured a bold sustainability vision and ambition that is currently being used to guide internal company behaviors and external go-to-market priorities for AB InBev’s ESG focus themes: “Local, Natural, and Inclusive.” In bringing these issues to the core of its work, AB InBev continues to strive for a more sustainable, equitable and profitable world. 

And, in 2022, our work was awarded Silver for Best Brand Development Project to Reflect a Change in Mission, Values or Positioning in the North America Transform Awards.


Ulta Beauty

Transforming a leading beauty retailer’s marketing department 


National beauty retailer Ulta sought to recalibrate its marketing model to shift from product and category-focused operations to a more integrated approach, keeping customers at the center. The organization needed to balance master brand-building marketing with efforts to generate demand for the brands it sells. The evolving market and consumer dynamics create nuanced pressure to quickly adapt to meet customer wants and needs.


Prophet designed a marketing operating model focused on supporting agility and efficiency. This approach also allowed the brand to prioritize improved communications and increased collaboration.  

First, our teams worked with Ulta to define a future-state vision across the organization, inspiring teams, providing clarity and ensuring active ownership. We then designed integrated, streamlined processes for market planning, prioritization and briefing to support the model we had created. Lastly, we implemented a new operations function to support a centralized view of the market. This helped drive the new planning and prioritization process, reducing the burden on Ulta’s functional teams. 


The new marketing operating model enabled Ulta to become an integrated, customer-centric marketing organization. The new system has led to improved communications, increased collaboration and boosted productivity across the organization.



processes documented


key employee pain points addressed

“Prophet pushed us to think differently about our organizational structure and what would serve us best, both for the short and long-term. Today, we have greater synergy and efficiency across our growing marketing organization which benefits our teams, brand partners and ultimately our guests.”

Karla Davis
Vice President of Marketing



Illuminating Vietnam’s complex wildlife trade chain to drive sustainability.


TRAFFIC is a leading global non-governmental organization that focuses on trade in wild animals and plants in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

With growing concerns of potential disease transmission from wild animals to humans in trade, TRAFFIC wanted to map the key nodes and understand potential disease transmission risks across the complexities of wildlife trade chains in Vietnam. After analyzing the trade chain structure, TRAFFIC determined the actors and processes that would help it identify potential interventions. These included social and behavioral change strategies to increase the safety and sustainability of wildlife product supply and consumption in the country.


Prophet helped TRAFFIC define and analyze the wildlife trade chain in Vietnam.

Based on qualitative expert interviews and secondary research, we defined and visualized a clear and simple wildlife trade chain that illustrates the key nodes, actors and activities across the entire trade from sourcing to consumption of wild animal species in Vietnam (including pangolins, bats, rats, macaques and civets).

Next, we evaluated the potential risks of direct disease transmission to humans. This helped us to prioritize key nodes that require targeted intervention to mitigate risks at various human-animal interfaces.

Leveraging qualitative expert interviews and best practice research, we further assessed and prioritized potential intervention opportunities. We identified quick wins or longer-term investments that have a significant impact on safe and sustainable wildlife product supply and consumption in Vietnam. These included greater efforts to monitor and inform market sellers, improving enforcement of laws and penalties on wildlife trade and transportation, and enhancing education and outreach efforts targeting young people in both urban and rural areas.


The wildlife trade chain analysis is now an instrumental communication tool that enables TRAFFIC to better engage key local and national government, inter-governmental and non-profit organization stakeholders on how to develop and target mitigation strategies for potential disease risks across Vietnam’s wildlife trade chain.

This work also serves as an important springboard for stronger inter-agency collaboration efforts on public health, animal/wildlife health and behavioral change. TRAFFIC is well-positioned to drive further refinement of the joint research with Prophet, guiding practical actions to strengthen the safety and sustainability of wild animal trade in Vietnam and adapting any successes to other national contexts in the broader Asia-Pacific region and globally.

“Working with Prophet has enabled TRAFFIC to visualize our wildlife trade work in Vietnam in a new way,” says James Campton, Project Leader, Wildlife TRAPS of TRAFFIC. “This rapid-research and analysis approach to expert elicitation can help us work more strategically to identify priorities for action and likelihood of impact. The concise summaries and clear infographics created by Prophet give us a model to better share our findings and develop mutual understanding with a range of partners across government, international agencies, private sector and civil society.”

“Prophet’s rapid-research and analysis approach to expert elicitation can help us work more strategically to identify priorities for action and likelihood of impact.”

James Compton
Project Leader, Wildlife TRAPS

Through Prophet’s pro-bono program, pro-bono program Propheteers lend their expertise to a select group of nonprofits, helping them achieve remarkable results. If you or a nonprofit you know is interested in working with us, reach out today.



Transforming Hillrom into an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare


Coming off a long string of acquisitions and successful organic growth, Hillrom’s business more than doubled in less than three years. Not only was its portfolio of products and services more diverse, but it also carried a variety of different brand names, and its business units operated them independently. More importantly, Hillrom’s customers were turning to them for help with their digital transformation efforts. As a result, Hillrom needed to integrate its portfolio from a digital perspective and transform its brand to reflect the modern, integrated and digital-focused Hillrom.


Prophet worked with Hillrom on several fronts that included defining an integrated and connected portfolio under the Hillrom master brand. The organization became positioned around a vision of “Advancing Connected Care,” which helped bring that promise to life by migrating ongoing digital acquisitions into its portfolio. Prophet helped Hillrom run a series of customer-centric, demand-gen campaigns to bring its story to market and fuel its CRM system and sales funnel.


Since its rebrand, Hillrom has experienced business growth in six of its subsequent eight quarters, with its non-bed business contributing to much of that, signifying how it is more than just its legacy hospital bed business and more of an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare.

In late 2021, Hillrom was acquired by Baxter, making it a $15 billion global medtech leader and accelerating the organization’s vision for transforming healthcare and advancing patient care.


Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

Enhancing Digital Communications in the Fight To End Hunger


Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s mission is “Leading the fight to end hunger, in partnership with our community and in service of our neighbors in need.”  To do so, they distribute food directly to low-income people at community sites and make food available for other nonprofit organizations serving the ill, needy and infants. This team distributed 40 million pounds of food between March 2020 and February 2021.

Food Bank asked us to help with its newsletter communication. The original printed newsletter was titled “Bread Connection” and dated back to the early 90s. Though minor layout changes were made through the years, the digital newsletter had an outdated layout with too much text and no audience focus. Additionally, articles were comprised of a too wide range of content including event updates, program statistics and stories about the brand’s service.


Prophet helped Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano define a targeted messaging approach, a topic framework and target audience for the print newsletter. After desk research and gathering employee feedback, the new title “At the Table” was selected. It reflects the coming together of families to share stories and inviting the donor to have “a place at the table” while staying connected to what’s happening.

The design of the printed newsletter was modernized to resemble a magazine’s balance between photos and white space. The digital newsletter audience was defined with help of a persona– Amy, a mom who wanted a hopeful, actionable, engaging email that could be applied to her life hassle-free. The digital issue was rebranded as “Refresh” and was given a design rework and new functionality (mobile responsiveness).


Today, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano sends its newsletters to donors who have given any gift within last three years as well as volunteers who have served hours within last two years. With a clearer focus, the Food Bank team found it easier to create purposeful, written content an impactful newsletter when developing each newsletter.

It saw an increase of about $3,000 in donations directly related to the printed newsletter in the first year, trackable from paper remit envelopes in each edition.

Its digital newsletter saw 82% of their active list, which currently has 22,395 subscribers, open at least one newsletter in the past year.

“Prophet’s rework of our newsletters was a gamechanger in our offline and online communication with donors and volunteers.”

Rachel Braver
Community Marketing Manager



uplift in dollars donated via print newsletter


open rate for email newsletter in past year



Developing a new-age marketing strategy for a digital product launch


PartsSource is the world’s largest provider of medical replacement products. To complement its growing medical parts business, PartsSource sought to create a first-in-kind digital service offering designed to help customers source a variety of service personnel in their areas. The team needed help launching the service on its online platform, which is used by over 3,000 hospitals and more than 15,000 clinical sites. As an additional challenge, PartsSource wasn’t able to present the new product at an in-person conference due to COVID-19. So, the team needed to plan an engaging, virtual launch event as a part of the go-to-market strategy.


PartsSource turned to Prophet and Springbox, a Prophet Company, to support its first, digital-only product launch. Together, Prophet and PartsSource set out to strategically introduce the new service offering to clarify the value proposition, expand brand perceptions of PartsSource and most importantly, drive inbound leads for the business.

Prophet and Springbox developed a launch campaign strategy that successfully marketed the digital launch event, and also encapsulated the value PartsSource delivers as an end-to-end procurement channel partnership. Prophet and Springbox then brought the campaign to life by developing a series of campaign concepts (including art direction, image selection and copywriting). The campaign concepts were developed as a series of ads that were pushed into the market.


The campaign strategy evolved PartsSource’s position in the marketplace and cascaded down into other value propositions. The key and supporting messages resonated with each of the unique customer audience segments, highlighting the brand’s ability to connect with customers.

In 2021, Bain Capital Private Equity purchased the PartsSource from Great Hill Partners in a deal that values the company at about $1.25 billion.


Global Investment Advisory Firm

Developing a revamped direct marketing strategy to drive sales and ROI


The client, a major investment advisory firm, had a history of successfully executing aggressive direct marketing tactics. In fact, nearly all of its customers were acquired through direct advertising.

While the company was experiencing steady growth, it had an ambitious goal of doubling its assets under management within just a few years. To achieve this, the organization needed help attracting new client profiles and successfully moving prospects through the marketing funnel.


Through qualitative and quantitative consumer research of prospects in four countries, our team of financial services experts partnered with the investment advisory company to gain a deep understanding of the existing prospect journey and identify the conversion gaps on the way to becoming a paying customer.

By taking a digital approach, we uncovered that our client could:

  • Better reach prospects with varying degrees of familiarity with the company
  • Add interventions at key decision points of hiring a financial advisor
  • Develop engaging direct marketing content

To bring the strategy to life, Prophet helped the client create an activation roadmap to illustrate how to convert prospects by focusing on both short-term ‘Quick Wins’ and longer-term initiatives. The roadmap is supported by a ‘test and learn’ pilot plan outlining specific processes, KPIs and resources needed to measure impact.


Our project had a few key impacts on our client’s business. First, we transformed their view of the prospect journey. We helped the team of leaders see that the route from prospect to the client is dynamic, but it can be directed at key inflection points. Second, we demonstrated that a broader range of prospects could be converted into clients through our new view of the prospect journey and our market research analysis. As a result, our client changed their view of who qualifies as a ‘qualified prospect.’ Finally, our actionable activation roadmap accelerated the client’s direct marketing efforts and propelled it toward achieving its ambitious growth goal.

As a result of our project, our client observed a direct lift in sales and better ROI on direct marketing spending.


Multinational Manufacturer

Modernizing customer engagement through digital selling


Our client, a large global manufacturer, sells a wide range of materials used in consumer products, medical devices and more. As a top-200 private U.S. business, this company had achieved a great deal of success by driving product innovation founded on scientific excellence.

Although the company’s seasoned team of field sales representatives had historically driven solid performance results, the global health crisis (COVID-19) severely impacted its access to key buyers.

The business was in urgent need of a new approach to selling and hired Prophet to modernize its digital experience and the engagement capabilities of its salesforce.


As Prophet’s team of Marketing & Sales consultants dug into the issues facing this organization, they uncovered that by taking a digital-minded approach, our client could:

  • Better reach its core target audiences
  • Develop content that was more engaging to its customers
  • Leverage engagement data to inform offline sales interactions
  • More efficiently orchestrate the sales process

To get started, our team focused on how sales and marketing could partner to improve its digital selling capability through digitally-powered content, stronger messaging effectiveness and the use of data and platforms to improve the sales experience.

Prophet delivered a compelling business case for change and proved the value of evolving its digital selling capacity against a defined set of use cases with pre-post-defined outcomes. The business case was supported by a new operating model which detailed the requirements for developing, maintaining and optimizing the proposed new digital selling capabilities. Our consultants partnered with the client’s marketing, sales and customer experience teams to roll out the new digital selling capability, including new digital tools for frontline sales teams.


Our work for this client extended beyond strategy to provide a detailed, sustainable operating model to deploy and sustain its digital selling transformation. We helped to accelerate this client’s vision, maximize its investment and ease the implementation of its new digital selling capabilities.

Following this project, this manufacturer observed a direct lift in sales, improved customer satisfaction and increased sales associate productivity.


BASF Coatings

Developing a Customer-Centric Value Proposition To Drive Growth and Loyalty


As one of the world’s leading surface solutions manufacturers, BASF Coatings has always maintained a strong capacity to innovate. But like the process of innovation itself BASF needed to evolve to stay competitive.

As the business looked to expand its product portfolio with a new line, Prophet was engaged to support BASF in defining a customer-centric value proposition to drive growth and loyalty amongst its B2B customers.


BASF needed to better understand its customers and determine the right target audience for its new product launch. Prophet started by identifying the needs, priorities and motivations of BASF’s most important stakeholders to develop a range of buyer personas. The persona development phase was informed by field visits, interviews and extensive industry research.

Next, the team worked to define the ideal customer journey, covering the entire funnel from awareness to loyalty, including key touchpoints and a status quo assessment. We identified opportunities to optimize touchpoints and developed service concepts and signature solutions to help BASF further differentiate itself from competitors.

Aligned with – and answering – the needs of the prioritized target buyer personas, we developed a customer-centric value proposition.


Prophet’s efforts helped BASF Coatings to develop a clear and succinct value proposition oriented at the real needs of its customers. The Glasurit 100 line was launched with a clear, focused and consistent approach and has been a game-changer for its customers, bringing an extremely tailored and unique positioning to the market.

“We were very happy to partner with Prophet at the critical stages of the project to define a core value proposition that helped guide our Glasurit 100 Line to triumph”, says Fabien Boschetti, Director, Global Marketing, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions. “We thank Prophet for all their contributions and support in helping to make 100 Line a big success globally!”

“Glasurit 100 line is a game-changer for our customers and we were very happy to partner with Prophet at the early critical stages of the project to define a core value proposition that helped make the product line a big success globally!”

Fabien Boschetti
Director, Global Marketing, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions



Growing a brand through a customer-centric transformation


After years of steady growth, GARDENA – a brand of the Husqvarna group – is the leading pioneer of high-quality garden tools in Europe and is represented in more than 80 countries all over the world.

While its focus on engineering-driven innovation and revolutionary design is an immense asset, GARDENA realized that it needed to deepen connections with current and future customers to continue its success story. Prophet was tasked with transforming GARDENA into a customer-centric organization, with a focus on evolving its approach to marketing and go-to-market strategy.


Collaborating with marketing teams across key regions, Prophet established a uniform approach for GARDENA’s marketing community to think beyond product launches and selling. Prophet encouraged the adoption of an ‘always-on,’ customer-centric mindset that focused deeply on customer retention and value creation.

We instilled processes and systems, supported by easy-to-use tools and templates, to drive marketing effectiveness. The initiatives laddered up to GARDENA’s goals and were tracked to prove maximum efficiencies.

Together, with the marketing leadership, we defined the capabilities and operating model required to deliver against GARDENA’s customer-centric targets. The new operating model was designed to align capabilities along the entire consumer journey, emphasize digital effectiveness and ensure that a consistent, purpose-led brand directs the activation across traditional and digital channels. The target result was a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

A learning program was also developed to ensure the marketing community was inspired and empowered with the right skill set to make GARDENA’s ambition a reality.


Prophet positioned GARDENA to become the world-class, customer-centric organization it aspired to be. A strong customer-centric mindset has now become part of the organizational DNA. The new marketing KPIs, metrics and purposeful processes deployed are boosting consumer engagement and powering a more digitally savvy GARDENA brand.

Staying in pole position requires continuous transformation. Thus, Prophet will continue its journey with GARDENA with ongoing learning programs designed to upskill its full marketing function. Additionally, Prophet will continue to build the long-term brand strategy roadmap for the business to keep customer-centricity firmly at its core.



Jump-starting a new electric vehicle brand


Canoo was founded to answer this question: How can we simplify urban life by reimagining mobility in cities?

However, as the demographics of America’s cities continue to evolve, Canoo’s innovative business model needed to target the right urban consumers directly. Prophet was brought in to lead an agile and iterative process before, during and after the initial vehicle “reveal.”


Through thorough research into electric car marketing and customer subscription preferences, Prophet identified six potential customer archetypes.

In a 10-week span, Prophet tested attitudes on a yet-to-be-released product, leveraging its market insights and innovative strategy capabilities to develop a robust segmentation strategy.

With deep customer insights in hand, we prioritized a target – 6 percent of the market – with the highest likelihood to buy an electric vehicle subscription. This target was developed based on attitudes around technology adoption, car-sharing and the ability to pay, among other dimensions.


The Canoo product launch was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and press coverage, anchored by a deep understanding of the brand’s customer target and position in the mobility-as-a-service ecosystem.

Canoo followed this up by using our segmentation targeting and typing tool to gamify and fuel a dynamic waitlist experience.

This experience continues to build excitement for the brand, while informing key business decisions about vehicle design, membership features, pricing tiers and marketing strategy.



Re-organizing a marketing team to meet key business needs


Medtronic, a global medical technology company, has been rapidly expanding through organic and acquisitional growth. As customer segments expanded, stakeholder expectations evolved and new business and product teams emerged. The company’s corporate marketing team recognized the need to rethink how omnichannel campaigns and content would support enterprise growth.


Prophet worked with leaders across the global brand, marketing and communications teams to collaboratively define a new vision for corporate marketing. The new concept was designed to clarify priorities, set objectives and identify the necessary moves to both evolve and execute. We employed a mix of industry best practices and Prophet proprietary tools and frameworks to give Medtronic a custom-built solution.

A key component of the new vision was a framework articulating the role corporate marketing plays for the company as a whole, as well as its different businesses and regions. Prophet used its marketing archetypes to align on the right model for Medtronic.

From there, we outlined business and technology implications, key strategic moves and a transformation roadmap to support the new vision, so the Medtronic team could execute the strategy independently over time.


As Medtronic continues on its mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life for patients around the world, the company’s corporate marketing team is now executing on a vision that is tightly connected with the enterprise business strategy. The team is well-positioned as the global driver of the Medtronic story.

“Modern marketing teams continue to evolve and stretch to meet stakeholder needs. Repeatable frameworks are helpful, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach that fits every organization. Prophet helped us think through a number of approaches and worked with us to create a vision and roadmap that meets our unique business needs.” -Greg McCullough, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing for Medtronic.

“Prophet helped us think through a number of approaches and worked with us to create a vision and roadmap that meets our unique business needs.”

Greg McCullough
Senior Director of Corporate Marketing for Medtronic