G7 Connect

Uniting Two Giants to Digitally Transform the Freight Industry in China


The logistics industry in China is hugely complex in scale, yet highly traditional in its operations. Most freight companies operate under the same conventional labor-intensive model with low efficiency. 

G7 and E6 Technology are both leading IoT SaaS providers striving to transform the road freight industry through “smart logistics” software services based on the Internet of Things. In Q1 2022, G7 and E6 announced their merger. Despite the completion of the initial stage of integration, employees and customers were still uncertain about the direction of the new company. 

To further accelerate the integration process, NewCo urgently needed a unified brand strategy. However, as the two companies were both industry leaders, it was important to retain the legacy equities that G7 and E6 established in the market. 


Prophet’s team started with a series of in-depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders to understand the unique DNA of both G7 and E6.  It was crucial to identify the synergies of each organization – the common DNA. 

Having gained a deep understanding of the business, we then defined a distinctive and unifying brand strategy: propel the productivity of the logistics industry with IoT SaaS technology and innovations to bring beautiful changes to all industry stakeholders. It clearly defines NewCo’s frame of reference as an IoT SaaS provider in the logistics industry, while creating broader connections with various types of audiences, from big owners of cargo and small logistic company owners to finance managers and truck drivers, by demonstrating a compelling purpose. A powerful tagline was also created to encapsulate the strategy – “Beautiful Changes Happens Now.”  

With a robust brand strategy in place, we recommended the Chinese name “G7易流” (G7 Yiliu) that fuses the two names to retain the legacy brand assets from both G7 and E6.

Inspired by the essence of connectivity of logistics networks, our design team developed a unique creative concept of “Unlocking the new pathway together.” The new visual identity adopted the core visual elements from the two companies – the purple arrow from G7 and the green dash from E6. These elements came together to symbolize flowing “turns” and harmonizing “roads”, telling a confident story of how G7 and E6 intersect to form greatness. The newly designed logo and visual system represent human-centered innovation, speed and precision. The color palette was updated, adding turquoise, to give the brand a smart and modern element.  

Through this new visual identity system, we successfully maximized both brands’ visual equity while crafting a new way forward to reflect the new company’s new purpose, frame of reference and direction. 


The new brand strategy and visual system of G7 Connect, introduced a clear purpose and direction to the business, reassuring employees and customers about the future of the newly merged company. It also served as a guide for external communications across multiple touchpoints, including the CEO’s announcement speech to the theme of its annual client conference. 

“It is uncommon and more difficult for a B2B or industrial company to market its strengths in data and technology through a human-centric lens. However, with such strategic guidance, every touch of our communications feels deeply authentic, results-driven and compelling,” expressed Yayun Guo, head of brand communications and marketing at G7 Connect.  

“We’d like to thank Prophet for its strong expertise, insights and methodologies that helped accelerate our merger. It allowed us to assess G7 Connect’s strengths and equities in a more thoughtful way while being committed to human-centricity in our long-term strategy. Moreover, the precision in Prophet’s design capabilities lent to creative expressions that embody our brand perfectly.” 

“Everyone (within our organization) resonates greatly with the new brand. Our work throughout the year has been centered around how we are bringing beautiful changes to the industry and the organization – the new slogan has become an important anchor point for the whole company.”

Xuehun Zhai
Founder and CEO of G7 Connect



Unlocking a New Chapter of the Global Marine Industry


Keppel Offshore & Marine (O&M) and Sembcorp Marine have played a key role in Singapore’s past, present and future. Keppel O&M is one of Singapore’s flagship multinational companies with a global footprint in more than 20 countries, whereas Sembcorp Marine has a nearly 60-year track record  in the design and construction of rigs, floaters, offshore platforms and specialized vessels.   

Changing industry dynamics towards cleaner and renewable energy have led to the O&M and energy industry needing to forge a new path forward. This has created an opportunity for 2 leaders to merge and transform, giving birth to NewCo to better transition, operate and capture opportunities in renewable energy. Prophet helped to create a new brand strategy and visual system for NewCo. 


We started by immersing ourselves in the current state of the brands, reviewing data through sustainability reports, brand strategy documents and merger materials to deeply understand existing efforts. Apart from meeting with the steering committees, we also conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews across employees and customers to understand both perspectives.  

Understanding that they bear a high level of similarity in culture and mindset, we combined strengths from both organizations to retain their unique DNA and bring the best of both worlds together. While NewCo’s vision was to be the global player to drive the energy transition and ensure energy security, NewCo also aimed to create meaningful impact for employees, Singapore, and shareholders. After running competitor audits, there was an opportunity for NewCo to differentiate with a stronger purpose in providing premium and customized solutions to the energy industry – being able to combine engineering and execution excellence with people centricity to deliver on customer needs​.   

From beginning to end, we involved employees and stakeholders in the extensive naming process to make sure the new name resonated with them and best captured NewCo’s storytelling. The name ‘Seatrium’ created by the client was selected – “We are the atrium where we gather the people of the seas, and we are a collaboration of industry leaders, bringing the best of engineering solutions to our customers and partners.” Its direct connection to sea highlights Seatrium’s expertise and creates relevance to the industry, while reinforcing visual identity at the same time by complementing the ‘seagull’ element in its logo. 

Inspired by forms in the industry, the new visual identity highlights new waves of innovation in the marine environment and elevates Seatrium to new heights. Inspired by the shape of Singapore and the bow of a ship, Seatrium showed their commitment to expand their footprint to reach new customers and markets. The three crescent shapes form their foundation; anchored in offshore marine, defining new horizons and ensuring clean skies for all, together helping to elevate above and below. The symbol reflects the key principles – flexible, fearless and resilient. Moreover, the new color palette is refreshing, minimal and outstanding. A brand book was also created to familiarize employees with their new brand strategy and visual look and feel to ensure they communicate in a cohesive way that is uniquely Seatrium. 


Officially launched in April 2023, Seatrium continues to remain Singapore’s largest shipyard group with expanded work across the energy transition, including cleaner oil and gas, as well as offshore renewable opportunities.   

The enlarged post-merger company has started implementing integration initiatives. Seatrium is expected to benefit from greater synergies given its broader geographical footprint (Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Japan, the UK, Norway, the US and Brazil), larger operational scale and enhanced capabilities. Our work with Seatrium was recognized at the Transform Awards Asia 2023, winning two silver awards for Best Corporate Rebrand Strategy and Best Visual Identity



Creating an innovative connected desk brand from concept design to activation 


With the pandemic resulting in people balancing both work and life activities at home, there was a growing demand for furniture solutions that were more versatile, comfortable, and functional. Our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) client saw the opportunity to create a DTC brand that would deliver a solution to empower people to enjoy a better way of living and working from home. They partnered with Prophet to help create and launch their first consumer brand.


With a blank slate, we worked collaboratively with the client to create a brand that would be relevant to today’s working-from-home customer. 

We used an AI-powered online research tool and interviewed 135 potential U.S. customers to understand their unmet needs and expectations around their WFH set-up. Our research revealed critical insights about how consumers need to not only prioritize their physical health but also their interest in a good work-life balance – including ways to optimize all the various parts of their lives.

From this, we created a new brand purpose, “We believe happiness comes from being in the flow in all activities we do at home.” We then created brand principles, tone of voice, and the tagline “Work. Flow. Home” to bring the brand to life in a unique and distinctive way against other competitors. The name “Beflo” came out of the idea of being “in the flow” when everything you do works seamlessly and effortlessly.  

Beflo began developing a desk prototype, combining motorized height-adjustable settings with modular tech accessories around cable management, charging features and other productivity tools. As part of that, we worked with them to create brand principles based on their new purpose that would have implications for their product design.

The visual identity also used the “flow” concept to create a simple and ergonomic-looking logotype with rounded letterforms and the curved ligature between the “f” and “l” that mimicked the side profile of the curve on the desk’s legs.

From this, we created a new brand purpose, “We believe happiness comes from being in the flow in all activities we do at home.” We then created brand principles, tone of voice, and the tagline “Work. Flow. Home” to bring the brand to life in a unique and distinctive way against other competitors. The name “Beflo” came out of the idea of being “in the flow” when everything you do works seamlessly and effortlessly.  

Beflo began developing a desk prototype, combining motorized height-adjustable settings with modular tech accessories around cable management, charging features and other productivity tools. As part of that, we worked with them to create brand principles based on their new purpose that would have implications for their product design. 

The visual identity also used the “flow” concept to create a simple and ergonomic-looking logotype with rounded letterforms and the curved ligature between the “f” and “l” that mimicked the side profile of the curve on the desk’s legs.


The brand concept, name, visual identity and product design successfully came to market in 2023. The branding was recognized in the 2021 Transform Awards as the Best Visual Identity in Technology, Media and Telecommunications. 


The brand concept, name, visual identity and product design successfully came to market in 2023. The branding was recognized in the 2021 Transform Awards as the Best Visual Identity in Technology, Media and Telecommunications. 

Positioning Around the “Flow”

Keeping the target consumer in mind, we developed different brand territories that would be relevant to their needs, and our positioning ultimately landed on the territory of Flow.   

“We believe happiness comes from being in the flow in all activities that we do at home.” 

The flow state was where people could fully immerse themselves in the task at hand and find enjoyment in the present moment. This resonated with the targets’ needs to balance multiple priorities and to find enjoyment in their WFH routine.

Meet Helena.

We developed a creative representation of our target customer who has a desire to improve their WFH set-up, anxiety around balancing all of life’s priorities and a strong interest in interior design resulting in a design-oriented approach to buying furniture. She prioritizes physical health, good work-life balance, success and connection with the community. This helped us imagine all our work with a certain persona in mind.

Applied Brand Principles

We created brand principles to serve as a guide for uniquely delivering on their brand promise. The four principles: Adaptive Comfort, Ultimate Ease, Holistic Wellbeing, and Lasting Innovation were then expanded into tangible guidelines and were applied in both the product design as well as the surrounding consumer experience.

The Visual Concept

The logo and visual system reflect the “flow” concept by embracing an equally weighted, san-serif to not disrupt the eye, but have a balanced and cohesive look. The crafted ligature between the “f” and “l” characters also creates a unique element that creates a visual “flow.” The system consists of the same curved elements that incorporate a soft flow across all communications and visuals, all the way down to the actual curved corners of the actual desk legs.

A Distinctive Verbal Voice

We created tone of voice principles to ensure that all communications had a cohesive tone of voice. Messaging guidelines offered guardrails around practical dos and don’ts as well as messaging examples.

Shopify Design

We created Beflo’s first Shopify design, creating both the site architecture, content hierarchy of each page, and design layout. Everything from imagery style to navigation and input fields was carefully designed to support the new brand.

A Cohesive System

We brought the brand strategy and identity to life by creating a visual system with a unique perspective on photography style, color palette, typography and graphic elements. This unique look created an unmistakable identity across all their applications from product design to digital interfaces and print communications.

Activating the Brand

We created an activation rollout plan to help Beflo navigate the different horizons of growth. We also developed a content marketing playbook to help create compelling and relevant content to attract, engage and convert consumers along the customer journey with recommendations across channels and partnerships to consider.

“Working with Prophet undoubtedly helped us build a rock-solid foundation for our brand; we wouldn’t be where we are without them. The branding groundwork they laid out has been our guiding north star, enabling us to stay focused and coherent with our work.” 

Beico Chiu
Founder CEO, Beflo


Josun Hotels & Resorts

Creating a winning brand portfolio strategy


Established in 1914, Josun Hotel has become an exemplary hospitality brand, transforming into the current Josun Hotels & Resorts while maintaining its original “First & Best” mentality. 

In a market where new entrants have raised the bar on hospitality, Josun Hotels & Resorts wanted to position its brands at the forefront of hospitality experiences in South Korea. Prophet worked closely with Josun to create an independent portfolio of brands, each targeting different consumer groups.


Prophet helped Josun Hotels & Resorts define a winning brand portfolio that captures distinct opportunities in the Korean travel market, with clearly defined roles and relationships for each of their hospitality brands. Understanding that each hospitality brand needs to meet the unique needs of Josun’s varied audiences, fresh insights were uncovered to define distinctive concepts for each brand. Through extensive research, expert interviews and in-depth audits, we created a hybrid brand architecture with a series of flagship brands with reimagined concepts appealing to different target audiences in Korea. 

Each hotel brand is tied to its unique idea, name and story that delivers a hospitality experience like no other. L’Escape was born for those who wish to get away from reality and create their own dreams and fantasies, a true Parisian escape in the heart of Seoul. Gravity was created to become a thriving social hub for Millennials, a center of gravity in the community to foster creativity, collaboration and inspiration that blends work and play together. Combining Josun’s legacy with fresh modernity, Grand Josun reflects a refined sensibility for premium customer experiences while catering to families. Lastly, Josun Palace represents the group’s highest-grade luxury offering, encapsulating the key essence of the hotel’s heritage and appealing to “The Cultured Connoisseur.”

We brought the different brand strategies to life by carefully crafting distinctive visual identities for each hotel. We also developed complete branding concepts for some of the food and beverage offerings within the hotels. 


The four new hotel offerings by Josun Hotels & Resorts – L’Escape, Gravity, Grand Josun and Josun Palace – were subsequently launched between 2018 and 2021 to great success. The optimized portfolio and architecture strategy maximized revenues across the brands and serves as a growth engine for the group, unlocking new possibilities in its journey to become a global hospitality brand.  

Our work with Josun Hotels & Resorts received critical acclaim including multiple awards from Transform Magazine’s Transform Awards Asia [1][2][3].


Creating a Parisian escape in the heart of Seoul


From hotel to Millennial experience hub


Extending the Josun heritage to create a premium hotel brand for families


Creating a luxurious hotel brand under a winning portfolio

Let’s grow together

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Uniting science and technology leaders under a powerful new brand


In 2021, II-VI, a global leader in engineered materials and optoelectronic components, announced its intent to acquire Coherent, a global laser technology leader. Integrating these two powerful organizations would create a global leader in materials, networking and lasers—shaping markets from communications to industrial, electronics and instrumentation. 

II-VI engaged Prophet at this critical inflection point to help them define the strategy and expression for the new company, signaling to the market why it came together, what it stands for and what it promises to deliver. 


Leadership wanted to clearly signal its intent to create a truly integrated organization  
and elected to adopt the Coherent name. The word “coherent” has a technical meaning in laser technology, but also means being united or forming a whole—which served as an apt metaphor for the companies coming together. 

From there, we helped them articulate the brand strategy, using leadership perspectives and category analysis as key inputs. For decades, both companies helped their customers develop and design groundbreaking products. Coming together created an unrivaled combination of technologies, platforms and deep expertise that positioned the new Coherent to be their customers’ design partner of choice—helping them not only respond to current demands but anticipate where their customers and industries would go next. With that insight, we developed a brand strategy focused on helping customers shape the future and create a world that’s safer, healthier, and more connected than ever before. We used the brand strategy as the foundation for a modular messaging framework and adapted it for key audiences. 

We brought this idea to life with a powerful new visual identity. The new logo celebrates the atom, foundational to all of Coherent’s products. The new logo features the atomic structure embedded in the typography to represent the full breadth of the integrated Coherent offering. Combining a vibrant Neptune blue with a striking, high-contrast color palette, the dynamic graphic system brings the design language of science to life. 
Finally, we supported the brand’s launch with a communications rollout plan and an extensive library of assets, from banner ads to signage to a launch video. 

“Rebranding a multi-billion-dollar company was an opportunity of a lifetime that required the support of a top brand firm. Prophet was a great partner all along the way. Prophet’s process helped us converge towards a bold and highly relevant new visual identity that felt like it would stand the test of time and potentially become iconic in our industry.”

Mark Lourie
Global Vice President of Corporate Communications & Brand Development


Swiss Re

Future-proofing the brand in a rapidly changing world 


The world – and what needs to be insured and reinsured – is fundamentally changing. Swiss Re, a world-leading provider of reinsurance and insurance, had seen the needs of its clients and partners reshaped by the likes of global warming, the expanding role of digital and data in consumers’ lives, new types of risk and an increasingly disruptive competitor set.  

Swiss Re had already evolved its business strategy to better address these new, emerging realities and the changing risk landscape. But, with a new customer-centric business strategy in place, it was vital that the Swiss Re brand better connected with its audiences in a more compelling way. 


Prophet partnered with Swiss Re to redefine their brand strategy, including a refreshed brand positioning, an evolved visual identity and a first-in-kind audio brand. Collaborating with all corners of the global Swiss Re team – and with a deep understanding of the challenges that the brand needed to address – we set about developing a more relevant and differentiated position in the market.   

The refreshed brand positioning now reflects the dynamic, digital-first Swiss Re has become and demonstrates the firm’s growth ambition. This distinctive positioning brings its tech and innovation, data and insights and societal leadership strengths to the fore to better reflect new types of risk that clients face, as well as attract new talent and partners. 

To support the new brand strategy, there was a need to advance the visual identity to embrace all facets of the business and build a sense of ‘oneness’ in today’s digital world. Prophet partnered with the team to activate the identity with a suite of design assets including bespoke imagery, to act as a metaphor for how Swiss Re powers progress and their unique perspectives on the world. And – rather atypical for a business-to-business brand – an audio brand was introduced to strike the right tone and deliver a more contemporary expression of the brand. 


Awarded a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2022 and a German Brand Award in 2023, the sophisticated refreshed brand reaffirms Swiss Re’s leading position in the industry as a future-ready business, working to attract new talent, stand out against the competition and unlock new opportunities​ for the company. Well received internally, it is also resonating with employees, enforcing the unifying notion of ‘oneness.’  

“Prophet’s unique approach to strategic design has delivered a far more contemporary and sophisticated expression of the brand. We couldn’t be more proud of the outcome.”

Dr. Jan Dietrich Müller
Head Group Communications, Managing Director



Building a relentlessly relevant brand


A beloved brand known for its iconic boots, UGG was looking to expand its relevance and connect with Gen-Z consumers in an emotive and ownable way. With a mix of established and emerging markets across the globe, UGG wanted to not only identify their target customer but understand where and how to create deeper engagement and drive further growth with them. The brand needed to show up as a more assertive and compelling brand— inspiring its consumers to join a community that stood for something beyond trendy footwear.  

But creating a relentlessly relevant brand for UGG meant balancing several key challenges. We had to reach (and win with) Gen-Z consumers without alienating UGG’s existing core customers. Which meant managing the tension between making bolder moves to meet the self-expression of younger consumers and maintaining the classic UGG brand for legacy consumers. 


We began our immersion by conducting internal stakeholder interviews to understand the vision and aspirations for the brand. We then conducted global consumer qualitative research to better understand consumer perspectives on the brand, their lifestyles and communities, and to generate a hypothesis for a global brand direction. 

Using this as a foundation, Prophet implemented a rigorous quantitative process to deliver consumer target segmentation for UGG driven by customer style attitudes and core emotional & functional needs. Out of the 6 segments identified, we prioritized 3 unique segments that UGG could act on and start driving engagement with. Our team also provided targetable Micro-Communities built around passions, hobbies and other interests with these segments for future activation. From these inputs, we worked iteratively with the UGG team through workshops to define UGG’s global brand positioning and voice, and how to activate this newly defined brand. 


Prophet worked with UGG to identify and prioritize consumer target segments along with a global brand strategy to align the product, marketing, and overall consumer experience across all of its brand touchpoints. 

Prophet delivered a brand book used to communicate and rally the new strategy internally and guide activation efforts across functions and organizational teams. Our work aligned UGG and the parent company, Deckers, to have a unified focus on their brand’s “north star” and their primary consumer targets. 

“The Prophet work was a rallying cry for the entire organization to galvanize around our primary consumer target. We’re all speaking the same language now and that was almost indescribable in terms of how far we’ve come in a very short period of time.”

Carole Diarra
Vice President of Marketing


NewStyle Media Group

Creating NSMG’s brand story to fuel future growth


Established in 2015, NewStyle Media Group (NSMG) has grown quickly to span artist management, music publishing, record labels, TV/film production, merchandise and gaming. NSMG is on an exciting journey of growth with new intellectual properties, formats and capital.

In the industry, best-in-class entertainment brands focus on the customer, highlighting messages of inspiration, emotions, and resonance. Wanting to stand out in the crowded market across geographies, cultures and mediums, NSMG decided to partner with Prophet to reimagine its brand story and visual identity.


Our team first developed a brand story that sits at the intersection of three factors: Company, Consumer and Category. Understanding NSMG’s unique ambition and capabilities in addition to its competitors and target audience, our team explored how to combine these elements to tell an inspiring brand story.  

We explored the unique capabilities of NSMG with the intention of introducing the world to unique Eastern culture and values. NSMG’s main audience profile was focused on passionate, bold and opinioned female Gen Zs who seek new and exciting things. To create messaging that resonated with the audience, we needed to gain a clear understanding of the brand’s audience and what they were looking for. We also researched best-in-class entertainment brands for inspiration to identify opportunities for differentiation.   

The new brand story articulated NSMG’s vision to connect audiences around the world with creative expression that is intrinsically human. We also established a new brand purpose – “Breaking barriers and bringing people together”.  

To help showcase their vision, Prophet then created the “New Wave Expression”. The “Wave” graphic connects to NSMG’s Chinese name Xin Pai (新湃), which means new wave or the uprising of NSMG. It is a visual interpretation of the sound NSMG is creating through music, film and media, while bringing it to the global audience.  


Together, we helped NSMG revise its brand story with a refreshed visual identity. The rebrand helps NSMG accelerate its next wave of growth by amplifying a new wave of energy and movement to inspire and bring people together.

“We are very pleased to have worked with Prophet on what turned out to be a hugely successful project. The team had a thorough understanding of our needs and worked very hard to achieve our mutual goals. Prophet demonstrated both deep local insights and strong international expertise and impressed us with its agility in collaborating across different regional offices.” 

Mimzy Si
Former Senior VP, Marketing, NewStyle Media Group



Creating a differentiated retirement solution value proposition for the new generation of customers


MetLife, one of the largest life insurance companies in the world, is committed to providing deep and meaningful values to its customers as a trusted life partner.  

Prophet has been a long-term partner with MetLife to help the brand propel its customer-centric transformation across the globe. In China, we started by helping MetLife China develop the overall customer value proposition – “Global Protection, Human Care.” We have also developed a series of customer-centric value propositions and solutions, including health, wealth, and education, to accelerate its transformation ambition in China. 

Retirement planning has been a rising need for Chinese consumers, given the aging population, declining fertility rate, shortage of public retirement funds and the shortage of retirement facilities in China. MetLife partnered with Prophet to uncover insights into Chinese consumers’ retirement needs and to co-create a distinctive and compelling retirement value proposition and solution that truly meets Chinese consumers’ retirement needs. 


Through our research, we found that younger Chinese consumers, between the ages of 30 to 45, feel anxious and uncertain about retirement.  

To understand consumer retirement needs, we spoke to people from different life stages and household statuses. From there, we identified four consumer insights that create distinctive market opportunities for MetLife China to develop its retirement value proposition: 

  • Retirement preparation: First, retirement needs do not start in people’s 60s. Consumers want to start retirement planning early. Health issues often trigger consumers to start thinking about retirement planning. Protecting themselves from aging-related health issues has become a big part of their retirement preparation beyond financial preparation. 
  • Retirement services: In China, while most retirees prefer to stay in their homes for retirement, there’s a shortage of retirement services and facilities options. Consumers are less worried about covering their daily living expenses and medical bills and are instead concerned about access to quality services and facilities.  
  • Family support: For Chinese consumers, retirement is not an individual need but requires planning as a family. Most of them need to ensure support for their elderly parents before they can think about retirement preparation for themselves which still requires not only financial support but also quality retirement and health service support. 
  • Mental health: Retirement is more than just financial stability. It is also about the long-established life rhythm and goals. Many Chinese consumers feel a loss of identity and meaning after they retire. A critical part of ensuring individuals thrive in retirement is to figure out how to be mentally prepared and how to leverage the abundant free time to explore new hobbies, expand their horizons and socialize. 

After gaining a deep understanding of these needs, our team worked with MetLife to articulate its retirement value proposition– “Helping you and your family achieve total preparation towards a fulfilling life post-retirement.” We also worked with MetLife’s key stakeholders to co-create the product, service and experience of the retirement solution and developed a clear roadmap to bring the retirement solution to life and for future upgrades. 

Next, our design team created graphics to bring the value proposition to life visually by developing detailed design guidelines for the retirement solution to ensure its visual identity system is compatible with MetLife’s master brand visual system and architecture. Additionally, we have designed brochures and other communication materials for internal and external communications. 


MetLife China launched its new retirement solution, 360Future, in December 2022. Through a live-streaming launch event, MetLife shared inspiring stories and distinctive insights from their employees, customers and industry experts. 

Prophet’s Associate Partner, Lily Wen was invited to join the panel discussion to highlight global and Chinese consumers’ unique challenges toward retirement. “Consumers’ retirement needs are multi-dimensional. Helping them develop the numerical financial goal alone can’t truly solve their worries, anxiety, and confusion toward retirement,” Lily said, “Financial service companies must address Chinese consumers’ holistic needs, by supporting their desire to secure their parents’ retirement while providing quality health and medical services beyond just financial security.” 



Wooing young wine lovers with break-through creative and a full-funnel media campaign


It turns out wine drinkers in America are thoroughly bored with the current online shopping options and wine clubs. Instead, young, wine-curious consumers want to broaden their horizons, but they’re frustrated that it’s so hard to explore America’s thousands of independent wineries.  

Enter Scoperta!, a start-up that provides a richer experience for shopping for wine, including a fun, manageable exploration process. To disrupt the e-commerce wine market, Scoperta! needed name recognition and a digital marketing strategy to drive demand. 

Scoperta! tasked Prophet with two objectives: create a buzz-worthy digital activation to accelerate name recognition, and develop a digital media campaign that included management, planning, buying and SEO strategy. 


Our team leaned into the brand’s charm, wit and audacious name to develop and orchestrate a digitally-focused campaign to connect with a new wave of discerning wine buyers – through an opera, of course! 

First, we created a video opera, complete with beautiful arias. It tells the tragic tale of poor Brenda, a wine-loving woman disenchanted with the typical services of e-commerce wine brands. Her love affair with Scoperta! brought our “wine discovery made simple” campaign to life.  

To reach our audience of adventurous customers aged 25 to 55, we developed a full-funnel media plan that leveraged video, podcast, search and social to drive awareness. Meanwhile, display, search and social drove consideration and conversion. Our team strategically chose specific tactics across each funnel stage, with prospecting audiences at the top and high intent/retargeting audiences at the bottom. We then paired the campaign’s creative with each tactic accordingly and tested various formats to optimize the performance.  


The campaign creative and media plan drove unprecedented engagement on YouTube. As we continually solidified learnings from smaller segments, we opened the campaign to a national buy, increasing brand awareness and driving sales during the company’s first months in the market.   

The opera video has received several industry awards and recognition:

  • Finalist for Most Effective Use of Video in the 2022 Drum Social Media Awards
  • Gold awards for two categories in the 2023 Muse Creative Awards: Music video Category and Food & Beverage Video Category
  • Bronze Honor in Medium-Length Video in the 15th annual Shorty Awards
  • Shortlisted for two categories in the 2022 New York Festivals’ Advertising Awards. 



Video completions across YouTube and CTV


Video completion rate 


Resilience Education

Harnessing brand experience to help formerly incarcerated people


Resilience Education is a nonprofit organization that aims to stop incarceration cycles by improving employment outcomes and re-entry success through high-quality business education. Since 2011, the organization has graduated 500+ individuals from five correctional facilities across New York and Virginia, with early data revealing that 93% of program graduates stay out of prison for at least three years.  

The nonprofit aspired to expand its program nationwide and build a new digital platform to support formerly incarcerated people on their reentry journeys. To achieve these long-term aspirations, the organization enlisted Prophet to help it develop an overarching brand strategy that codified a new vision for the organization and rethink the brand positioning, expression and onboarding experience for its new digital platform.  


Over the course of several pro-bono projects, Prophet developed a holistic understanding of Resilience Education’s current state and aspirational trajectory. Prophet first interviewed Resilience Education employees, program students and graduates. The insights from these interviews were used to identify opportunities to craft a brand positioning framework highlighting the nonprofit’s purpose and vision.  

After establishing the overarching brand structure and strategy, the team shifted its focus to optimizing the organization’s digital platform experience. Prophet’s team hosted a hackathon with the nonprofit to understand how it acquires and onboards mentors and mentees for its programming. The insights gathered helped the team define an optimized user journey for both audiences in their digital platform. Finally, in collaboration with verbal and design teams, Prophet crafted a refreshed brand positioning for the digital platform accompanied by refocused messaging, voice, and a reconceptualized visual identity. 


The new organization-wide brand structure defined how the nonprofit’s digital and post-release initiatives work in relation to the in-facility programming. In addition, the ideation of the optimized user experience and journey for both mentors and mentees not only influenced the organization’s digital platform but was also the basis for the organization’s mentorship program development.   

Follow-up interviews of formerly incarcerated users revealed how empowering their one-on-one mentorship relationships have been for their reentry journeys. Resilience Education is continuously refining the program to maximize participants’ benefits and will be launching its third pilot in early 2023.    

With a robust new positioning framework, design concept and verbal identity guiding the digital platform, Resilience Education has the brand structure and strategy to support its nationwide growth goals and better serve its formerly incarcerated users’ needs. 

Through Prophet’s pro-bono program, Propheteers lend their expertise to a select group of nonprofits, helping them achieve remarkable results. If you or a nonprofit you know is interested in working with us, reach out today.  

Client Testimonial

“We couldn’t do what we’re trying to accomplish – bringing the highest quality business education and professional support to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students – without Prophet’s dedication and insights!”

Tierney Fairchild
Executive Director and Cofounder


Grand Josun

Extending the Josun heritage to create a premium hotel brand for families


Josun Hotels & Resorts was facing competition from new entrants that raised the bar on luxury hospitality in the South Korean market. During its separation from the Starwood Hotel brands, Josun Hotels & Resorts had ambitious plans for growth.

Prophet first partnered with the client’s teams to create a cohesive brand portfolio strategy that leveraged the Josun name, provided a level of cohesion and integrity and maintained its distinctiveness within its portfolio. Having created a rejuvenated brand identity for Josun Palace, the group’s highest-grade luxury offering, Prophet worked with the hospitality group to create a new premium family-oriented hotel.


We started with understanding the real needs of Josun Hotels & Resorts’ varied audiences which included families with kids, young couples and business travelers. Insights into these pain points helped to inform what experiences its hotels needed to deliver to its audiences. Based on these insights, we created the new family-oriented hotel brand Grand Josun.

We clarified the brand’s unique distinction as a pioneer and leader in South Korea’s hospitality landscape, crafting its brand positioning as “Reimagining a heritage of excellence”. Combining both Josun’s legacy with fresh modernity, we took its signature customer service and infused the brand with new moments of delightful discovery throughout the customers’ stay, with a refined sensibility that is always balanced, intuitive and multi-sensorial.

The strategy came to life with a variety of new activation programs, amenities, F&B, design and service elements tailored to meet the distinct and high expectations of the audience. We created unique signature elements such as Josun Junior, a comprehensive offering that creates a memorable holiday experience for children to explore their creative energy, discover lifelong skills, and connect with the destination they are in. Another signature program that was rolled out was the Lending Library, a hassle-free supply for everything a guest may need at a hotel whether on business or for family.

Next, Prophet created a visual system that brought the bespoke and delightful experiences of Grand Josun to life, speaking to the heritage of “Josun” with a modern twist. The symbol is a carefully crafted monogram paired with a classic modern typeface and complemented by contemporary and balanced hues of emerald, natural and light secondary colors and copper accents. We also created a cohesive color and textural palette to communicate a warm, natural environment that allows families to feel both comforted and energized while reflecting the refined sensibilities of the brand. The “terrazzo” pattern was incorporated both in the overall hotel as well as modified for the kids to create a cohesive but also tailored experience.


Grand Josun was successfully launched in Jeju and Busan in 2020. Many of the signature experience ideas we created, including the Josun Kids program and Lending Library, have been successfully implemented with outstanding reviews.

The addition of Grand Josun hotels not only expanded Josun Hotels & Resorts’ reach in the South Korean travel market but is also expected to be a new growth engine for the group, unlocking new possibilities in its journey to become a global hospitality brand.

And, our work with Grand Josun hotels received recognition from Transform Magazine’s Transform Awards Asia 2022, earning bronze in the Best Visual Identity from the Sports, Travel, Leisure and Tourism Sector.

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